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Home and Away Theo star opens up on ‘commitment issues’ after sharing major career news


Theo Poulos on the Australian serial opera Home and Away is the role for which actor Matt Evans is most known, but he is also a gifted vocalist who recently dropped a new single.

Matt Evans of Home and Away has admitted that he struggles with commitment.

The actor gained notoriety in 2021 when he debuted as Theo Poulous, the nephew of Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou), in the Australian soap opera. When Matt’s character joined the local Summer Bay band Lyrik as its fourth member, he had the opportunity to showcase his amazing vocal abilities at work.

Outside of the serial opera, the TV personality is a huge music enthusiast who has dropped a new song called Sold. Matt revealed that he has previously experienced relationship difficulties as he talked about the song’s deep meaning.


Matt shared a video of himself performing the song while sitting in front of a skyline of a city on Instagram. “SOLD – a song about meeting someone when your heart wasn’t ready,” he captioned the post.

“Having commitment issues has always been a sign that something isn’t right, or more importantly, I just don’t feel ready,” the soap opera actress continued. This is for everyone who thinks they still haven’t found the right person x.”

He also uploaded a quotation that said, “I wasn’t ready yet, but I met the girl of my dreams.” Beside the photo, he added, “If you can connect, leave a comment. I appreciate all of your kind remarks regarding sold xx.”

Leah’s housemate at the mental health clinic, Valerie (Courtney Clarke), is a recent arrival to the Bay, and Theo has been getting to know her well. Valerie spoke more about her challenging history with Theo after initially being reluctant to do so.


Valerie disclosed that the reason she ended up in the clinic was because her brother died when they were fighting in his car. After finding out that he failed his TAFE tests, Theo was distraught on this Friday’s (April 5) episode of the Channel 5 soap opera.

Theo was taken aback by Valerie’s quick reprimand, which bewildered him. Later, he went to the beach to see her and apologies for bothering her when she was thinking about her brother.

They sat on the beach, and after Valerie apologised as well, Theo pulled her into an embrace. But following a heartfelt chat with Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Theo’s serene disposition soon gave way to frustration. Valerie sensed his distress and offered him a medication, something “that will help”. Theo gulped it after he hesitated for a while.

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