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Home and Away stars spotted kissing after relationship reveal but fans have one complaint


This week, it was made public that James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou, stars of Home and Away, had moved their on-screen romance off-screen and started dating in real life after parting ways with their respective partners within the past year.

While Leah and Justin, the fictional couple from Home and Away, recently tied the knot after years of on-screen romance, it seems that the fairytale has carried over into real life. According to The Sunday Telegraph, romance began late last year after Ada and James were spotted sharing a kiss at a Seven Network Christmas Party.

A photo showing the couple enjoying a day out with their kids was obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle last month, putting an end to months of rumours that they had been secretly dating. On April 7, Ada and her son Johnas Xipolitas were photographed at Sydney’s Luna Park having lunch with James and his daughter Scout. A bystander told Yahoo Lifestyle, “They looked super happy and like they were having a nice family day out.”

Reactions from fans to the actual Summer Bay romance
A Home and Away Facebook fan group has recently posted a video that New Idea was able to secure. It features Ada and James giggling and kissing surreptitiously in the street, however several fans were put off by a detail that showed James puffing cheekily on a cigarette.


One fan said, “Wow, didn’t know James smoked.” “Naughty, naughty,” came the reply from another.

“Gets on my nerves… puffing… “These days, who does that?” inquired another. Another person wrote, “Who can afford it these days too!” underneath.

Others rushed to the actor’s defence.

“So what if James smokes, it’s his business, nobody else’s,” one supporter said. Another said, “People just need to have something to complain about.”


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