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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman responds to engagement rumours


Was her left hand being concealed?

When Ziggy learns she is pregnant, additional drama is at the centre of Home and Away episodes that will air in Australia.

Actress Sophie Dillman is eager to clarify that what others are saying about her personal lovelife is untrue, despite the fact that she is faced with some life-altering decisions.

Many people allege that she has been hiding her left hand in pictures so that the engagement ring can’t be seen, fueling rumours that she is engaged to her on-screen beau, Patrick O’Connor.


However, Sophie is well aware of all the rumours that are being spread about her. In an interview with TV Week, she stated: “Oh, I see. Many comments on our images have implied that I was concealing my left hand everywhere.

“Even coworkers perceived us as enthusiastic. However, I assure you that there is no engagement and the hand is bare. Let’s dispel this rumour. Please.”

In addition, Sophie discussed how it felt to become 30 and how she is adjusting to leaving her 20s behind.

“It all added up, and I felt completely overwhelmed. I questioned, “At 29 am I already dead?” Which, of course, is untrue, but before it, I was anxious!


“I’m undoubtedly going through a crisis, but many people have experienced something similar, and suddenly your priorities change. Right now, I’m attempting to figure out what’s happening.”

Regarding Ziggy, she and Dean are likely to reach a decision point as a result of the pregnancy news, with Ziggy having to decide whether to pursue her dream of being a professional surfer or be a mother.

Are the two about to face a difficult road as they decide how to proceed, with Dean excited by the news and realising that Ziggy does not share his enthusiasm?

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