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Home and Away star Sarah Roberts spills on a possible return


From 2017 to 2021, Sarah Roberts portrayed the well-liked character Willow Harris, and her fans have been clamouring for her to come back.

The actress still maintains a close connection to Summer Bay because she is married to James Stewart, who portrays Justin Morgan on the serial.

She spoke candidly to Yahoo Lifestyle about her future plans, her favourite aspects of the programme, and the cast members she is still close to.

Sarah is unafraid to admit that she would play Willow again if “the storyline was perfect.”


I loved my time there, and I’d want to go back to Home and Away,” she says. “I grew incredibly close to everyone, and they treated me like family.

Because you get to spend every day at work hanging out with all your favourite people, working on that programme seems like a vacation as well.

“I was an evil girl.”
The Melbourne actor, who is of Sri Lankan descent, encountered prejudice before being cast in the part of Willow Harris.

Many of the auditions she received typecast her as a “Indian doctor,” with the personality of the role centering around her race.


She claims, nonetheless, that her portrayal on the serial opera disproved these prejudices.

The fact that I played a terrible girl was something I truly enjoyed about working on Home and Away. And even if it wasn’t forced down anyone’s throat, I was still Sri Lankan, she continues.

Even if her work and personality “had nothing to do” with her race, she was nonetheless able to introduce Australian admirers to her culture.

When she was on her deathbed, “my father [on the show] sung a Sri Lankan lullaby to me,” she recalls.


Since people from all over the world may be seen on Australian streets, it is lovely to see that culture incorporated into Australian media. That is what makes Australia so lovely.

Seriously close
Sarah beams when she talks about all the “wonderful friendships” she has maintained since the show, aside from her apparent relationship with her husband and former costar James.

She frequently visits Patrick O’Connor (Dean Thompson) and Sophie Dillman (Ziggy Astoni), and she even looked after their puppy while they were on vacation in the UK.

The actress makes an effort to meet Sam Frost (Jasmine Delaney) frequently and regards her as one of her “best pals.” Sam recently flaunted her growing baby bulge at the Wog Boys Forever world premiere in Melbourne.

Sarah’s on-screen love interest Alex Neilson, played by Zoe Ventura, and the actress remain good friends. Fans admired the same-sex couple despite the on-screen romance being brief and have long wished for another reunion.

“Really ridiculous”
The bay was first introduced to Sarah’s persona, who was riding a motorcycle and wearing leather. It stands to reason that she would put herself in some awkward circumstances.


The actress remembers one particularly “difficult” sequence that was shot when she hadn’t been on the programme for very long.

She says, “I recall being imprisoned in a boot of a car with Jimmy [James Stewart]. “I’m claustrophobic, and we actually shot it in a genuine car boot.

The two were still not dating at this point.

She chuckles, “I hadn’t informed anyone yet so it was quite tough for me.

She calls it “pleasant” despite the fact that it was frightening and feels the plot was “very absurd.”

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