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Home and Away Spoilers – Romance for Nikau and new arrival Heather


Heather sets her sights on Nikau in the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK. But why is she sneakily taking a picture of Marilyn? Meanwhile, Justin learns Theo’s important secret.

There was more to Roo (Georgie Parker) than first appeared when she took Heather Frazer (Sofia Nolan), a new student, under her wing.

Heather had gotten in touch with Roo, who has recently been marketing her skills as a private teacher, to ask for assistance with a law school application.

According to Heather’s account, she once worked as a housekeeper and had a relationship with the guy of the home. She became pregnant and thought the man would leave his wife for her, but after the baby was born, the married couple had her give up the child and adopted it for themselves.


Since Roo had given up her own daughter Martha (Jodi Gordon) for adoption when she was a teenager, she could identify to Heather’s desire to practise in law in order to assist birth moms in finding their children.

However, when Heather became aware of Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) presence in the cafe, things took an odd turn. Heather suddenly became interested in Marilyn despite the fact that they appeared to be complete strangers; in fact, she was so intrigued that she secretly snapped a photo of Marilyn before leaving.

The charming young woman Marilyn had briefly met the week after starts acting quite strangely toward her.

Before heading to her table, Heather throws Marilyn a protracted sneer as she enters the diner for another session with Roo.


It’s strange enough to give Marilyn the jitters, and it gets even worse when Heather subsequently claims to know Marilyn.

Marilyn responds that she doesn’t believe they have ever met when Heather inquires whether they have.

Heather responds in a voice that is decidedly gloomy, “How weird.” You just seem so familiar, I’m not sure what it is.

They’ll have plenty of time to figure it out, Roo says, having already offered to see if there’s a caravan available for Heather to stay in. However, Roo is unaware of the unusual tension that has just started to build up. Marilyn hastily leaves the encounter and retreats to the storeroom.


Marilyn subsequently expresses concern to Roo that something about Heather appears strange, but Roo responds by explaining that Heather has experienced a great deal and evidently finds it difficult to trust others.

However, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who she rapidly bonds with after overhearing him speak to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) about his court appearance, is someone who is seeing a whole different side to Heather. Heather introduces herself and strikes up a conversation. She asks about the flyer for Lyrik’s performance at Salt later that day since she hopes to run into him there. When they meet up after the concert, Heather reveals that she like “bad dudes,” admits that she overheard Nik discussing going to court, and then goes on to say that she wants to study law. Nik has to go through very little subtext because Heather makes it obvious what she wants.

Nik proposes they return to his house, where they enter the bedroom right away, not wanting to let his new friend down.

The following day, when Heather settles into one of the trailers, she explains that because Roo’s tuition costs have taken up the majority of her money, she is currently in a tough spot until she receives her bond money back.

Marilyn is dubious about the need for a discount from someone who could afford tutoring in the first place, but Roo is delighted to give her one.

As Roo swiftly ends another chat because she is getting bored of Marilyn’s opinions on Heather, Marilyn chooses to consult her tarot cards.


As she reveals the High Priestess and the Three of Swords, the cards don’t look good.

Marilyn warns Roo in no uncertain terms, “That chick is trouble,” knowing that the cards suggest deception and manipulation.

Will Roo heed the advice of Marilyn?

Justin (James Stewart) is surprised to learn about a covert romance somewhere in Summer Bay.

Even though bandmates Eden and Remi vehemently forbade an interband relationship, Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) finally caved last week and slept together (Adam Rowland).

It didn’t take long for Theo to win Kirby over by serenading her with a self-penned song, despite Kirby quickly telling Theo that it couldn’t happen again because the band meant too much to her. The two agreed that Eden and Remi can never know and went right back into the bedroom.

While Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is away, Justin is occupied in the garage, so Theo seizes the chance to ask Kirby over.

Justin treats Theo to a takeout lunch from the cafe, thinking that Theo is working on TAFE assignments at home alone. However, when Justin gets home, he discovers a half-naked Theo feeding Kirby strawberries in the kitchen!

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