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Home and Away star Ray Meagher discusses his future on soap


Ray Meagher is a mainstay of the Home and Away cast because he has been portraying his character Alf for more than three decades, ever since he originally appeared in the show’s debut episode back in 1988.

But since Alf had been considering leaving Summer Bay and as all wonderful things eventually come to an end, what does that leave Meagher to do? Meagher recently spoke with Inside Soap about his future on the venerable soap opera and was directly asked if he would ever depart.

“I enjoy it here more than 90% of the time. And a large part of that is related to the populace. The crew, who are amazing, play a significant role in that. It’s similar like leaving one family every day to go to another one for work “said Meagher.

“In terms of a straightforward response, I’ll eventually leave. When though? The future?”


In this month’s feature, Martha made the decision to permanently relocate to Merimbula after leaving Summer Bay. Following a trip with her partner Alf, Martha made the choice that cast a serious doubt on their relationship.

Alf was forced to consider his future in Summer Bay as a result, though. Justin questions Alf later on whether leaving Summer Bay is truly the best course of action for him. Alf is adamant that he wants to make Martha happy and may consequently follow her to Merimbula.

With this narrative expected to develop in the following weeks, it is uncertain whether Alf will leave Summer Bay with Martha. Again, it’s not apparent what Meagher’s character moving would imply for him. Meagher might wind up quitting the programme altogether or she might still have a role.

He has appeared in more than 4,400 episodes of Home and Away to date, making him the show’s longest-tenured actor.


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