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Home and Away spoilers: Alf leaves Summer Bay to be with Martha and Kieran?


Alf (Ray Meagher) just returned to the Bay after spending some time in Merimbula with Roo (Georgie Parker) and Martha (Belinda Giblin) following their kidney transplant operation. He is, however, in a nasty temper, and no one knows why.

The most perplexed of all is Roo, who doesn’t understand why her Dad would be so irritable given that they are no longer in danger thanks to Martha’s successful recovery from her protracted illness that was life-threatening.

When Roo chooses to phone her mother to obtain some information, the update she receives astounds her and makes her instantly aware of her father’s mood. She makes plans to meet Alf at the diner and confides in him that she knows why Martha has chosen to remain in Merimbula. Alf must decide between choosing his wife or the Bay.

Roo has Alf in a corner and is questioning what Alf is going to do. Will he remain in the Bay or leave to live with Martha? Alf, however, refuses to respond to his daughter’s queries and exits the room. Instead of evading the crucial decision he must make, his tactic shifts to immersing himself in his work.


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