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Home and Away star Matt Evans shares US ambitions once Theo role is over


Matt Evans has made quite an impression since joining Home and Away last year, but he’s already thinking about what his future might hold once the Channel 5 drama is over.

Bit chatting to TV Week, Matt indicated that he very much has a move to Hollywood in his sights – but more than likely not for a while at least.

When asked about his future intentions, Matt stated, “Obviously, I have ideas when it comes to migrating to the United States and giving the United States a try and seeing what I can do over there.”

“I have a terrific agent and everything lined up there,” he continued, “so that was always the idea; otherwise, I’d be thinking ‘what if?'”


Fans of Theo from Home and Away shouldn’t be concerned just yet. While Matt is certainly career-driven, he has stated that he does not intend to leave the Australian soap for the foreseeable future, stating that he envisions himself on the programme for at least a few more years — ensuring that we will have plenty of Theo to enjoy.

Nobody can blame him for wanting to settle down for a time, especially since he’s up for one of the most coveted Logie Awards, Best Newcomer.

When it comes to the types of parts Matt would like to play in the United States, he has his sights set on the traditional rom-com.

He said, “I’m very into rom-coms and stuff like that.” “One of my favourite characters is the leading man, who is both lovely and humorous.”


However, acting isn’t the star’s only option; he can always fall back on singing. Matt recently had the opportunity to showcase his musical abilities on the show, and he’s stated that he’d be interested in pursuing it further in the future.

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