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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


What’s next in Summer Bay?

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

On the upcoming episode of Home and Away, a frightened Felicity goes back to her childhood home in an effort to reconcile with her past.

A breach develops between Leah and Justin as a result of Theo’s choice to leave Ava, while Dean and Ziggy bid Summer Bay farewell.


Here is a complete list of the 11 major events that will soon occur.

  1. Felicity runs away

Cash and Eden make up for lost time in the bedroom now that their romance is back on. When Felicity inadvertently walks in on them, she regrets breaking up with Tane after witnessing her brother’s happiness.

Tane is also feeling alone and bewildered in this situation, but he is determined to continue honouring Felicity’s need for distance.

Later, Felicity makes a choice and informs Tane that she is leaving the city. She pulls away from him when he tries to kiss her because she can’t bear to harm him again.


Felicity, who is tortured with remorse, keeps her word and accepts a ride from a stranger out of Summer Bay.

  1. Felicity confronts her painful past

Cash worries his sister will experience another breakdown as soon as he hears about Felicity’s departure. When their foster father Gary phones to report that Felicity has arrived at his home, where she hasn’t been since she was 16, his alarm only increases.

An emotional Felicity believes it’s time she addressed her demons after acknowledging that her small-town upbringing was where her life first started to go awry. Felicity finally lets down her guard and speaks to her deceased father when Gary takes her to the graves of her parents.

Felicity, who is sincerely pledging to mend her ways, wants to put her happiness first, so Gary kindly proposes getting in touch with Tane.

  1. Felicity faces Tane

Tane is shocked to hear Felicity’s voicemail when she follows Gary’s suggestion and calls Tane back in the Bay. He abruptly abandons everything and heads right towards her hometown.

Tane shows Gary his devotion to Felicity by showing up at his home, but he also demands an explanation for her recent risky behaviour.

In spite of her agony, Felicity manages to tell him she loves him. Can the pair rekindle their relationship?

  1. Dean and Ziggy decide to leave the Bay

After Amber decided to leave the family to go live with Jai, Dean feels as though his family is disintegrating. Although there isn’t much holding them in the Bay, Ziggy has a solution and advises that they follow his kid to Queensland.

Dean is excited about the prospect of a new beginning and the opportunity to raise both of his children.

But then there’s the issue of telling Mackenzie the news, who is already struggling to care for Gabe while he is ill.

  1. Dean has second thoughts

Dean and Ziggy are getting ready to tell Mackenzie that they have made the choice to move to Queensland.

But when she starts crying about Gabe’s impending chemotherapy, Dean has a moral awakening and decides he can’t abandon his sister at a time when she needs him the most.

Mali offers Dean his support after observing Mackenzie’s anguish. He urges him to go to Queensland with Jai and offers to take care of Mac while he’s gone because he is aware of what it’s like to grow up without a father.

  1. Ziggy and Dean say their goodbyes

Ziggy decides to take matters into her own hands and inform Mackenzie about the relocation to Queensland in the hopes that she will give Dean her approval.

Thank goodness, she does, and Mackenzie urges Dean to take care of Jai without her, saying she can handle it.

Dean, Ziggy, and the infant Izzy will soon have to bid their final farewell to the house that has meant so much to them. As their loved ones assemble to send the young family off on their new adventure, there are tears, hugs, and well wishes.

  1. Mac looks to the future

After Dean and Ziggy leave, Mackenzie decides to take the risk by asking Gabe to move in with her. Mac says she’s devoted to their partnership through sickness and health, which is a big step.

When Mackenzie returns to her recently empty house, the reality of Dean’s leaving sets in. Gabe is there to console and support her as she sobs and breaks down in tears.

  1. Theo wants to escape Ava

Ava goes above and beyond to make up for her stalkerish attitude because Theo feels uneasy about them sharing a roof. She prepares a lunch for the family, but even though it is sufficient to win her back Justin’s favour, Theo isn’t convinced.

As his teenage tormentor becomes defensive and accuses him of leading her on, Theo confronts her out of frustration.

Theo has has enough and, much to Leah’s dismay, asks Kirby if he may move in with her.

  1. Leah and Justin clash

Leah feels torn between wanting to support Justin’s parenting and being adamant that her nephew shouldn’t be evicted from his house.

By offering to be Ava’s tutor, Roo attempts to diffuse the tension and demonstrates that she is more than capable of handling the rebellious child. Later, as Theo walks out, Roo notices Ava’s grief and realises she still has emotions for him.

After being crushed by Theo’s departure, Leah turns on Justin and demands that he deal with his daughter. He believes she is exaggerating, but he is incensed to find that Roo has been hired to spy on Ava and accuses Theo of starting the drama.

  1. Bree is pregnant

Remi makes the decision to focus his efforts on Lyrik in order to avoid the uneasy environment with Bree. But he can’t escape the feeling that something is wrong, so he confronts Bree and asks if he did anything to annoy her.

Remi is uncertain about whether the child is his or Jacob’s because he is unaware that Bree is expecting.

Bree decides the only way to address the problem is to entirely shut Remi out of her life since she knows that telling Remi the truth would require talking about how she was coerced into having sex with Jacob while being held captive.

  1. Life is on the up for Mali

Rose is optimistic about her relationship with Mali now that his sister Elandra has given her the go-ahead.

When Mali finds Dean has given him the board business as a gift after moving to Queensland, the couple’s good fortune continues.

Mali interprets it as a sign that he is precisely where he should be, at Summer Bay with Rose and his new company.

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