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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger in tears as details of major event laid bare


Reside and Travel On live television, Lynne McGranger sobbed as she revealed the intimate details of a significant personal event.

The Australian actress raised awareness of colon cancer on The Morning Show on Wednesday.

Via the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, the Australian government provides free screening kits to nearly six million people annually. However, only four out of ten of these finish the exam.

In an interview with host Kylie Gillies and guest host Matt Doran, Lynne stressed the need for individuals to “stay on top of your health” in order to preserve their ability to enjoy life’s significant events.


She continued by saying that her daughter Clancy’s marriage to husband Luke had lately been one of these significant life events.

When pictures of her daughter wearing her wedding dress appeared on TV, Lynne lost it and exclaimed, “Oh, I’m crying.”

The most amazing individuals made for the best day, Lynne said, her voice cracking with passion.

“Clancy’s in-laws are divine, whether they are ours or not. Their friends and family are very special. Everyone was having a great time.


It went as smoothly as silk, and now I have a gorgeous son-in-law who is currently enjoying themselves immensely in Mykonos—apparently along with everyone else in the world.

“And really, today could not have come at a better time.”

Despite being calm on the day of her daughter’s wedding, Lynne claimed that all of the emotion was now getting to her.

“For months before and on the day itself, I think I had a rock of anxiety the size of Uluru in my chest,” she remarked.


Even though it subsided during the day, I believe the margaritas were a contributing factor!

However, as soon as you saw how laid back Clancy was, how amazing her pals and attendants were, how amazing everyone was at the Byron Bay location (The Farm, if I may add that), and how well everything was going, it all faded.

Ada Nicodemou, who costarred with Lynne on Home and Away, was there for the big day, and Lynne mentioned that Ada was quite emotional.

Lynne remarked, “Paul and I walked Clancy down the aisle, through the arbour, and through the orchard.”

“And as I turned to look at Ada, she was blubbering away, saying things like, ‘Like the Greek girl that she is, she’s actually from Cyprus.

Nevertheless, she asked me, ‘How were you not crying?’


“I stated that because my anxiousness was a rock the size of Uluru, and it only went away when it did. Then last Friday, as they left for their honeymoon, we bid them farewell. that I started to blush.

Ever since then, I always say, ‘Oh!’ whenever someone mentions the wedding. It’s all coming out now, then!

Lynne went on to share the one touching thing she did to make her daughter’s special day more enjoyable.

She said, “I put my phone down.”

I placed my phone down and didn’t pick it up once, thinking I would live in the present.

“I had girlfriends, and Ada was my personal videographer and photographer, as you may recall.

“And everyone took pictures, and our photographers were amazing professionals, but I missed it!”

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