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Home and Away to air shock arrest in Dana story


This week, Home and Away will feature a significant arrest in Australia when crooked police officer Madden finally apprehends Dana Matheson.

Scenes that will run in the UK in November and Australia this week depict Cash Newman’s struggle with his shady colleague taking a serious turn as he tries to support Dana, who recently moved here, and her sister, Harper.

Cash met with his old friend Harper in a narrative that just aired in Australia. Later, Cash learned that Harper’s sister Dana is on the run after her boyfriend Ollie falsely accused her of drug charges.

Unfortunately, Cash must now provide evidence that the dishonest Madden has been clandestinely collaborating with Ollie to undermine Dana.


Cash, who understands that his colleague is questionable but is unable to provide evidence at this time, is reportedly planning to appeal to the Anti-Corruption Board this week over Madden’s actions, according to TV Week.

The actor who plays Cash, Nicholas Cartwright, said that when he sees that Dana’s statement is lacking her alibi, which she only told Madden, he gets even more suspicious.

“Cash hints onto Madden’s investigation’s numerous discrepancies,” he declared. “Red flag after red flag comes next. I don’t believe Cash realises just how much Madden is prepared to sacrifice.”

When Irene Roberts discovers the following day that Harper, her house guest, is also covertly sheltering Dana in her home, things only get worse.


Not too long afterwards, Madden knocks on Irene’s door and demands to see Harper right now. Irene makes the decision to stand up and tells Madden to acquire a warrant or leave while the sisters get ready to embrace their fate.

Cash visits Irene’s house to ease the tension as Madden leaves to plot with another dishonest colleague, Fletcher. Dana questions if she should just come clean, but Cash tells them to stay just a little while longer because he thinks he can finally bring Madden to justice.

Nicholas said, “Cash just isn’t willing to watch police corruption.” It doesn’t matter to him what happens because he is so passionate about what he is doing.

Sadly, Madden’s return with a warrant and another request to see Harper doesn’t go well for Cash.


Dana makes the difficult decision to come out of hiding out of desperation to keep her sister out of trouble, and Madden moves quickly to make his victorious arrest.

Was Dana wrong to give herself up, and will Cash be able to reveal nasty Madden’s true nature?

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