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Home and Away star Georgie Parker responds to “really sad” Neighbours axing news


Georgie Parker of Home and Away spoke to Digital Spy on the disappointing news that Neighbours will be ending this year.

On June 10, filming on Neighbours will come to an end for the final time, bringing the show’s extraordinary 37-year run to an end.

Georgie, who plays Summer Bay’s Roo Stewart, recently spoke with Digital Spy on what the loss of Neighbours will mean for the Australian television industry.

She told us, “I think it’s quite tragic in many respects.”


“It’s unfortunate for the industry in one way. It’s been a fantastic source of work for all of Melbourne’s actors and crew.

“It has provided a great platform for a large number of Australian actors who have gone on to pursue careers in other countries.

“It’s been an amazing launching pad for so many careers, and it’s always sad when a programme ends because it means the end of not only chances, but also an age of long-running drama and the benefits it brings to a country and its viewers. It’s heartbreaking.”

Georgie had appeared on A Country Practice and All Saints before joining Home and Away.


She’s the second Home and Away star to express support for Neighbours in the wake of the show’s cancellation.

Shane Withington, who plays John Palmer on Home and Away, expressed his displeasure at the cancellation of Neighbours on Twitter in February.

“Sending thoughts and sympathy to our comrades in Ramsay Street,” he wrote on Facebook.

Neighbours is coming to an end when Channel 5 opted to stop sponsoring the show, leaving Fremantle without a UK broadcast partner.


Despite the fact that Neighbours performs better in the UK than Home and Away, Home and Away is now safe because it has a rare “life of series” deal with Channel 5 and continues to perform well in Australia on Channel 7.

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