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Home and Away Stalker – Stevie targeted by a suspicious package


Next week, Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) will finally have to give bodyguard Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) some real thought when it turns out that a seemingly benign fan present is actually hiding a dark secret.

After Cash demonstrated sincere care for her well-being during his job interview, Stevie was eager to hire him as her personal protection. However, since Cash joined the team, Stevie has been hesitant to heed his recommendations on staying safe.

Although Cash was able to quickly relocate Stevie from her rented luxury yacht to a safer hotel in the city, Stevie refused to give up on social media.

Cash sensed something odd when Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) chose to watch her critically acclaimed horror film Death Throes with him in order to educate him about Stevie’s career. The movie had a scene when the number 2346 was inscribed in blood on a wall.


Flick clarified that it signified the impending attack by the imaginary murderer when Cash enquired about its significance.

Cash discovered the picture that Stevie’s stalker had taken after breaking into her home while she was sleeping after going through Stevie’s dossier once more. As it turned out, the scrawled number on the back was 2346.

Cash shows Stevie the picture once more when he visits her hotel the following week. It amazes Stevie that she missed the connection earlier.

Stevie teasingly reveals that her co-star Crystal (Sheridan Harbridge) passed away under peculiar circumstances just a month ago when Cash inquires about any unusual occurrences involving the other cast members.


Cash is shocked and wonders why Stevie never brought this up earlier.

Stevie continues by telling how her best friend Crystal passed away after falling over a cliff. Though the police claim it was an accident, an inquest is still ongoing, and Stevie doesn’t think it adds up.

Afterwards, Cash answers the knock on Stevie’s hotel door and discovers a package outside that appears to have been forwarded by her agent.

Cash doesn’t touch the box until he receives confirmation that the agency forwarded it; they are unsure of the original sender, though.


Cash and Stevie carefully unwrap the package and are surprised to see a teddy bear inside. Cash isn’t so sure, not realising that their every step is being observed, as Stevie remarks that it looks more eerie than threatening.

When Cash examines the bear’s skull and discovers a hidden camera and transmitter within, his suspicions are validated.

Cash calls his superiors, who will retrieve and examine the bear and camera, and swiftly places them back in the box. Cash speculates that the hotel room is just like any other, despite Stevie’s concern that it would have revealed their location (Cash clearly avoids the less expensive options).

Stevie assumes nothing can stop her from going to a premiere tonight after Cash reassures her that there’s no need to panic. Cash informs her that she must cancel, but Stevie is determined not to let her stalker to succeed.

But soon after, she has second thoughts after learning that the stalker has already uploaded a photo of the two of them—taken from the bear—to a social media account under the moniker “steviemarlow2346.”

What what is Stevie’s stalker up to, now that she feels like she’s stuck in her hotel room?


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