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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy leaves the Bay to become a pro surfer?


Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) are forced to return earlier than anticipated so that Dean may attend a school function for Jai while they were away on an impromptu surfing road trip (River Jarvis).

Ziggy is sympathetic and only happy that they were able to take some time apart, but when she goes back to work, she finds it difficult to adjust to everyday life. Theo’s band’s success is being bragged about by Justin (James Stewart), and Dean is afterwards beaming with pleasure following Jai’s triumph in his footy gala event.


She becomes annoyed and snaps as a result of Justin’s constant compliments of Lyrik. Ziggy starts to question whether she could have given surfing a serious try because she feels like she’s lost her youth. Instead, while Dean is occupied with fatherly responsibilities, she is residing in a small town and works at a garage.


Justin cautions Dean that he needs to talk to Ziggy about what happened after she became upset earlier in the garage since he believes the trip was to blame. Dean, though, is adamant that everything went smoothly and that Justin must have provoked her. Later, when Dean meets up with Ziggy, he is taken aback by her positive attitude.


Ziggy tells him with melancholy that the road trip made her miss their dream to compete in surf competitions along the coast, but they now had obligations at home. She acknowledges that her fantasies are unattainable, but Dean can tell that she hasn’t completely given up on her hopes of becoming a surfer.

Dean worries that Ziggy’s thoughts are now more focused on the life she wishes she could have as a result of the surf vacation backfiring and giving her food for thought.




He feels helpless and realises he might be delaying his girlfriend. Ziggy retrieves a flyer for an upcoming surfing competition from her back pocket and takes it to the garage. Can’t she go after her dreams too?


Later, to her surprise, Dean approaches her with a suggestion that she should pursue her professional surfing ambitions. She will find Dean and Jai waiting for her at Summer Bay.


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