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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy and her baby in danger after collapse at work?


Since learning she is pregnant, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has struggled with severe morning sickness, and she is frustrated that her condition is making her feel poorly.

her entire life, causing chaos. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) urges her to tell Justin (James Stewart) about the pregnancy because he worries about her health, especially given that she continues to work full-time at the garage.

Ziggy acknowledges that her manager needs to be informed, but she hesitates and tells Dean that she only needs to wait for the proper moment. Her attempts to strike up a discussion with Justin are thwarted when he offers her the promotion she has been after for a long time.

Ziggy chooses to keep quiet about the pregnancy since she believes having a child shouldn’t limit her prospects. Dean is angry with her, nevertheless, because she didn’t notify Justin about the baby while he accepted the promotion. But Ziggy shows her tenacity because she doesn’t want to be restricted because of her pregnancy.


Ziggy continues to be a working mother and works at the garage by herself. As she works on an automobile, she is sidetracked by nausea and inhales chemical solvent. She falls to the ground in the garage as the room begins to swirl. Ziggy and her unborn child are in danger because she is alone, pregnant, and unconscious.

Tane (Ethan Browne) is astonished to see Ziggy on the ground when he arrives for a car service. He tries to phone for assistance right away, but when Ziggy begins to stir, he becomes preoccupied with the possibility that the toxins might have harmed the infant.

What baby, Tane reels? Tane’s top goal is getting Ziggy to the hospital as she continues to suffer. Will she be alright, and has the unborn child suffered any harm?

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