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Home and Away’s Heather makes a new enemy in 31 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning October 31.

Monday, October 31: Cash gives some unexpected information
He informs Felicity that he has been accused of police brutality at work after using excessive force when being arrested.

Tuesday, November 1: Bree departs for a surfing session.
She is joyful, but only for a little while.

Monday, October 31: Bree notices a distant object.
She notices Remi, but he isn’t alone himself.


Remi is courting a new love partner on Tuesday, November 1.
After finding out that Bree is married, he has changed his focus.

Tuesday, November 1: Bree moves against the flow.
She still seems to be feeling something for Remi.

Tuesday, November 1: Bree feels uncomfortable around Remi.
After Remi’s earlier flirting, they find it difficult to become friends.

Wednesday, November 2: Remi wishes to resume things.
Bree is uncertain.


Tuesday, November 1: Bree is avoiding Remi, as Remi can see.
He advises that they discuss it.

Remi and Bree enjoy time together on November 2nd.
They are able to unwind and relish a platonic friendship at last.

Tuesday, October 31: One gets the impression that Bree is still pining after Remi.
How much does she care about him?

On November 2nd, Ziggy leaves for a surf.
She keeps having fun with her desire.


Wednesday, November 2: Ziggy begins to experience sickness.
A wave of morning nausea hits her.

Tuesday, November 1: Dean is worried.
Ziggy has been experiencing morning sickness for a while now.

Tuesday, November 1: Dean is comforted by Ziggy.
She will continue to do what she loves despite her nausea.

On November 2nd, Bree and Ziggy cross paths.
She inquires about her neighbour in Summer Bay.

Tuesday, November 1: Ziggy tells Bree a falsehood.
She makes it seem like everything is fine and decides not to discuss her morning sickness.

Thursday, November 3: Dean texts Ziggy to see how she is doing.
After Ziggy’s recent episodes of sickness, he wants to make sure everything is okay.


On November 3rd, Heather visits Nikau at work.
John observes and is unimpressed.

Nikau kisses Heather on November 3rd.
John, however, quickly reminds Nikau to resume his task.

Thursday, November 3: John turns tough, disappointing Nikau.
John seems to be more laid back.

On November 3rd, Heather and John have a contentious conversation.
John is beginning to see why he shouldn’t trust Heather.

Thursday, November 3: Heather understands that John is harder to dupe than Marilyn’s other pals.
John believes that Heather’s involvement in Marilyn is peculiar.

November 3rd, Thursday: A fresh challenge awaits Heather.
How can she prevent John from making things difficult for her?

On November 4th, Alf notices some alarming vandalism.
John’s tyres have suffered damage.

Friday, November 4: Alf observes as John approaches.
Clearly, someone is seeking retribution.

November 4, Friday: John is enraged.
He considers potential suspects.

On November 4th, John will soon have a theory.
It appears that Heather might be at fault.

November 4th, Friday: Felicity is occupied.
Now that Lyrik won’t be performing at Salt, she looks for a possible substitute.

On November 4th, Tane assists Felicity in unwinding.
He spontaneously gives her a massage.

On November 4th, Tane makes Felicity a special lunch.
He wishes to talk about the future.

On November 4th, Friday The dedication of Ziggy and Dean to one another has motivated Tane.
He just discovered Ziggy is expecting. But does Felicity have the same desire to settle down?

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