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Home and Away spoilers: Will Nikau and Bella go long-distance as the couple reunite?


After entering Salt and running into Bella (Courtney Miller), who has flown in from New York for a few days to visit Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), and baby Izzy, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) has had his world flipped upside down. He never anticipated seeing her again, and the old emotions came flooding back right away.

The two have decided to maintain contact after some conversation, but as Nikau informs his uncle, it doesn’t appear like they will reconcile. Bella is living the good life in New York and will be returning there shortly. Although he is delighted for her, his sorrow over losing the love of his life makes the occasion bittersweet.

Irene’s farewell party is cancelled by Bella as she struggles with the emotional strain of saying goodbye to everyone. Nikau, on the other hand, interprets the cancellation as an attempt to get away from him. He abandons all remaining faith in their relationship, thinking Bella has now expressed her feelings.

However, when a meddling John Palmer (Shane Withington) gets involved, Bella discovers what Nikau is going through and falsely believing. She bursts through his door in a whirlwind, calling him an idiot. In actuality, she just wasn’t able to say good-bye to him.


Reunited, the duo stumble into each other’s arms. After they take it to Nikau’s bedroom, Bella says she could stay in his arms indefinitely.

But how will their restored romance fare with her impending departure for New York? Will Nikau feel compelled to remain in a distance relationship going forward?

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