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Home And Away Xander’s injury is worse than we expected, will he be saved in time?


Paramedic Xander from the Home And Away television show has had a difficult time recovering.
He’s been dealing not just with his injuries since drug dealers attacked him while robbing his ambulance of its drug supply, but also with the guilt that he let down his coworker Jamie, who was slain in the ambush.

Although Xander (Luke Van Os) is now out of the hospital, the thought of his deceased friend Jamie (Hugo Liu) has caused him to push himself further than he should to return to society.
And when doing so forces him to return to the beach before he’s ready for a surf, it might be fatal.
Luke, 25, tells TV WEEK that Xander “feels the loss of Jamie deeply, as well as the pain for Jamie’s family.” “He wants to do whatever he can to comfort them in their loss… yet he also starts acting a little reckless.

His half-sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) is worried that he is repeating past patterns because she has previously witnessed him descend into self-destructive behaviours.
Rose is concerned about Xander’s reckless behaviour, especially because he needs to recover, Luke explains. They have a few arguments because of her worry over him.
Ignoring his brother’s advise, Xander heads out to catch some waves but ends up collapsing on the sand from the pain of his wounds.

Only Xander’s friend Mali (Kyle Shilling) knows where he was going, and when he doesn’t come back, Mali becomes increasingly worried.
Will he be able to reach Xander in time and comprehend the serious bodily danger his friend is in?


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