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Home and Away spoilers: Will Mackenzie and Levi’s affair be EXPOSED?


Is it possible that Home and Away viewers will learn of Mackenzie Booth’s (Emily Weir) liaison with married man Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey) soon? (1:45 p.m.; for listings, view our TV Guide).

The SECRET lovers are sneaking another minute together when Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) walks by and they freak out!

Was Alf seeing a passionate embrace between Mackenzie and Levi?

When Levi’s gullible sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) informs him about their father’s previous affair, he becomes even more guilty about his ongoing affair.


Eden acknowledges that the events in their family have left her with trust issues to this day.

Will Levi be forced to reevaluate his affair with Mackenzie before it escalates by Eden’s inadvertent guilt trip?

With his new client Stevie Marlow (Catherine Van-Davies), Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) is still establishing certain ground rules.

Since her MYSTERY stalker is still at large, he advises her against meeting director Nelson Giles in person.


Instead, they will need to meet virtually.

However, actress Stevie again challenges Cash’s guidelines.

Cash begins to question whether he made the right decision in accepting this private security assignment.

Things take a worrying turn, though, when a new guard shows in for his duty and gets POISONED!


Is the person pursuing Stevie coming any closer?

After reading the most recent issue of The Coastal News, Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) is not impressed.

About Tane Parata’s (Ethan Browne) obsessive “obsession” with abandoned baby Maia, snooping journalist Peter Rolfe has produced a nasty story!

Roo intends to take action since she is furious over the news item!

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