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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Heartbroken Tane is forced to let go of baby Maia in the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

A lead on Stevie Marlow’s covert stalker is found by Cash, and Mac and Levi almost get caught in the act elsewhere.

Here is the whole list of these 14 monumental occasions.

  1. Levi battles his guilt about cheating

Mac takes the afternoon off from work and arranges to see Levi again for a passionate meeting.


After their father’s affair, Eden confides in Levi about her ongoing trust concerns. Meanwhile, Levi follows up with Eden.

Levi, who is dealing with his own betrayal, is not interested in hearing that. That doesn’t stop the two-timing doctor from returning to Mac to continue, though.

  1. A near-miss for Mac and Levi

Mac embraces Levi as he lets out on her regarding Eden’s animosity for their father.

They worry Alf has spotted them as he passes by in that instant.


The couple is shaken by the near miss, but thankfully Alf is more focused on the Coastal News story about newborn Maia.

Mac and Levi make the decision to temporarily leave since they think it would be too dangerous to carry out their affair in the Bay.

  1. Cash has his hands full.

The starlet who hired Cash to shield her from an unidentified stalker is proving to be difficult for Cash to handle.

Reluctant to change When Paul, a new guard, starts working shifts, Stevie begs Cash to stay even though he won’t follow any of his advice about staying safe.


Cash resists and pushes back, but when he wakes up the following morning, he receives a text from Stevie claiming Paul has been poisoned.

  1. Stevie feels Eden is superior to him.

Cash rushes over to Stevie’s side, relieved to learn that a shaky kebab is the cause of Paul’s illness.

Cash cancels his plans with Eden to keep a watch on Stevie, who is obviously in trouble.

Eden feels abandoned and wonders why Cash is prioritising Stevie over her despite the two having a great afternoon spent cooking together.

  1. Tane makes headlines.

Irene warns Roo that Dana is being duped into talking to Peter, the journalist from Coastal News, about baby Maia.

Their worst fears come true when a vicious piece that calls Tane’s “obsession” with Maia ridiculous and paints Rose as an inept police officer is published.


Tracking Tane down to the hospital, Peter discovers him nursing Maia as he heads back to get more scoop.

The males grow tense before Rose shows up and sends Peter leaving.

  1. Roo discovers something.

Roo finds a bracelet with the name Poppy etched on it as she begins sorting through the donations made for baby Maia.

She gives it to the police because she thinks it holds the key to unlocking Maia’s identity.

Tane and Rose both disagree with Roo’s belief. He says Maia’s birth mother would have shown her face if she cared.

  1. Felicity makes contact with Tane

Concerned Felicity visits Tane in the middle of the dispute with Dana as word of the newspaper piece spreads.

After angrily rejecting Dana’s explanation for speaking with Peter, Tane turns on Felicity and demands her to leave him alone.

Affected, With the knowledge that it is no longer her responsibility to attempt to safeguard Tane, Felicity returns to Salt.

  1. Tane must relinquish Maia.

Sarge calls Rose and informs her that Peter has reported Tane to the police.

Rose, compelled to comply with her supervisor’s directives, notifies Tane that he needs to leave Maia or else she would have to issue an AVO.

Tane, furious, storms back to the gym and accuses Dana of being the reason tiny Maia is now living alone.

  1. Bree fires Remi

Unaware that Remi broke his pledge to sell his motorcycle, Bree lavishes him with affection.

Remi acknowledges that he never intended to sell his cherished car, but when the guilt becomes too much, he comes clean.

Bree is devastated by his admission and tells him they’re done because she no longer feels like they can trust one other.

  1. Justin and Leah decided on a day.

With Leah’s return from the clinic coming up soon, Justin is worried that history may repeat itself.

Leah arrives home early, and Justin confides in her, feeling comforted by her composed demeanour and the fact that she’s wearing her engagement ring.

The couple decides to go ahead and arrange their wedding immediately, telling their friends that the date would be announced in a month. They can’t wait to start preparing.

Valerie tumbles off the waggon 11.

Valerie is confronted by Leah upon her return, demanding to know why she failed to disclose that she had left the facility.

Insisting that everything is OK, Valerie assures Leah that she will follow up with her counsellor.

Valerie begs Theo to get her more medication after it quickly becomes apparent that she is not well and is unable to ward off her demons.

  1. Justin’s misgivings regarding Valerie intensify

Valerie guilt-trips Theo about her past tragedies, which causes him to finally grant her request.

When Kirby shows up, Valerie is already high and can’t believe what she’s seeing, so his sympathy backfires.

Justin, who promises to look into the matter, watches as Kirby lashes out at Theo during their argument.

  1. Harper argues with Dana about the past

Dana and Harper end up fighting in the midst of the Surf Club, despite Harper’s best efforts to cheer her up.

Dana thinks that some kids are better off without their parents, while Harper is more sympathetic to the struggles their own mother went through.

Notwithstanding their divergent viewpoints, the sisters come together to safeguard Maia and acknowledge their gratitude for one other.

  1. Cash makes a discovery

When Felicity questions Cash about his life as Stevie Marlow’s bodyguard, he realises how little he actually knows about her.

While watching Stevie’s film Death Throes with Felicity, Cash is enthralled with her performance.

Abruptly, Cash spots some spray-painted digits on the screen: 2346. He realises then that he has seen those same numbers on the police file that Stevie had shown him.

Is he going to go any further?

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