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Home and Away spoilers: Who dies as Logan is discovered in shock car crash?


After discovering each other in the aftermath of their fathers’ deaths, Jasmine and Xander have been getting along like a house on fire. Xander is eager to settle down in the Bay and applies for a paramedic job in the area. He’s nervous on the day of the interview, but Jasmine is encouraging and urges him to run it off.

Later, he returns with a spring in his step, confident in his performance. Jasmine starts looking for rentals for both Xander and herself, optimistic about the prospect of having her siblings live close by. Later, she pops the cork in Salt just in time for Xander to arrive, but his mood has altered since he received word that he didn’t get the job.

Jasmine realises she can’t give up on Xander’s chances of settling down in the area permanently, so she enlists Logan’s help in her quest to find him work. Logan says he’ll talk to his coworkers in Reefton Lakes to see if there are any chances, and Jasmine believes her job is done. Irene, on the other hand, is the voice of reason, encouraging her not to get her hopes up.

Logan is intrigued as to why Jasmine is now so eager to assist her brother, and Xander promises to fill him in over a beer. In Salt, the two get to know one other, and Xander realises that life in the Bay could be really good if he can stay. Logan later reveals the terrible news that there are currently no job openings.


Jasmine, on the other hand, is like a puppy with a bone and has an idea: they can go to the Reefton Lakes Medical Centre and network with the personnel. In the face of her optimism, Xander gives in and the two of them get into the car. However, they come discover the aftermath of a vehicle accident on the route. Logan is behind the wheel of one vehicle, conscious but in shock, much to their surprise.

Xander, on the other hand, leaps into action and tends to Millie, a bleeding newcomer. Someone will die as a result of the crash, but who will it be?

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