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Home and Away Spoilers – Nikau and Bella left shaken after a deadly face-off


Bella and Nikau are in for a spooky surprise as they head for a romantic getaway next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Christian is arrested and Lewis resorts to more drastic measures to get rid of him.

The rivalry between doctor Christian Green (Ditch Davey) and nurse Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold) reached a head two weeks ago when Christian punched his opponent. The string of deaths that have befallen Christian’s patients in recent months prompted Northern District Hospital executives to launch an enquiry into whether his incompetence played a role in their deaths.

Christian’s most recent patient’s family has requested an autopsy, all of which has caused him to question his own ability as a neurosurgeon.

When Christian turned to the alcohol – just one glass of prosecco again, doc?– the doctor snapped and punched the hospital’s chief nurse in the face in front of Tori (Penny McNamee) and Jasmine, causing the doctor to snap and punch the hospital’s chief nurse in the face (Sam Frost). The brief duration of pain provided Lewis with more leverage against the neurosurgeon, which was just what he wanted.


Despite Jasmine’s best attempts to persuade him otherwise, Lewis filed a complaint with the hospital, jeopardising Christian’s career even more. The hospital was bound to take action against him because he had several dead patients and a colleague had reported him for abuse. Lewis’s scheme seemed to be working flawlessly, with no one suspecting that he was the one who had poisoned Christian’s patients with a deadly cocktail of drugs.

However, both Christian and Lewis are taken aback this week when the autopsy and hospital examination reports come in, and Christian is found not guilty of any wrongdoing. Lewis, who has snuck into Tori’s office to obtain the findings before they are made public, can’t believe it! Tori’s laptop is slammed shut, and he’s more sure than ever that the device would go to any length to protect its own.

Jasmine is astounded by her boyfriend’s tenacity; he seems to be so convinced of Christian’s guilt that he refuses to believe the conclusions of an official investigation. She knows he’s still in mourning over his mother’s death, but he seems hell-bent on ruining Christian in every way he can. I’m trying to find out what else I can do to make Christian pay, he says.

She’s starting to realise how concerning his actions have been.


When the investigation’s findings are positive and Christian’s suspension is lifted, he is overjoyed. He approaches Lewis and asks if they should set their disagreements aside for the sake of their patients, just to put the whole thing behind them.

Couldn’t we all put this to one side and focus on our jobs?

Clearly, the vengeful nurse doesn’t want anything to do with him, yelling bitterly at Christian that he won’t let someone else suffer because of him!

Lewis soon reveals the next trick he has up his sleeve. As Christian walks into the nurses station, Lewis greets him with a friendly smile and offers to help him organise the tests and paperwork for his new patient. Tori and Christian are both taken aback, believing that they’ve reached a turning point and the head nurse has actually agreed to give them a break.


However, seconds later, they realise how far they were off the mark. Constable Murray appears around the corner, looking for a Dr. Christian Green! After telling him that he is being held for the common assault of one Lewis Hayes, the police officer leads him away.

Lewis’s plan to derail Christian’s career has taken a significant step forwards, with the doctor facing up to two years in prison for the attack. Is the nurse’s plan going to work?

Next week, Nikau surprises Bella with a romantic getaway, giving them a much-needed break from Chloe and Ryder’s sickening new relationship.

Bella has been making herself insane for the past few weeks because they haven’t given her and Nik any alone time.

It started out as a result of their dislike for each other, as they didn’t want to be alone with each other for more than 30 seconds. As a result, Bella hoped that by bringing them together, they would begin to spend more time together and leave her and Nik alone. Even though they’re now a couple, they also seem to want to spend all of their time together as a quartet.

Though Nikau adores his cousin and initially dismissed Bella’s concerns as envy, he is gradually warming to her point of view. Seeing Chloe and Ryder in their happy state is driving him insane, and he wants to get away.


He plans a romantic getaway for the two of them to a cabin in the woods, even renting a car to take his girlfriend to their secret place.

She’s astounded that he’d go to such lengths, particularly considering his pitiful bait shop wage.

They enjoy a blissful few hours together before being rudely interrupted…

Ryder and Chloe are stranded in Summer Bay without their two mates. They plan to join Nik and Bells when they learn they have run away for the night. It checks two boxes: not only do they get a relaxing weekend away from Summer Bay, but they also get revenge on Nikau for his Mori speech prank from last week by interrupting what they know is a romantic getaway.

It’s safe to say Nikau and Chloe aren’t overjoyed to see them when they arrive at the cabin. Nikau has paid a high price for the property and does not want to waste it by getting wasted with his mates – he should have done that in the bay! He insists that they go, but Chloe persuades him to let them stay for one night only. Bella is dissatisfied, so she doesn’t have much of an alternative.

The more known couple, on the other hand, finds a way to retaliate against the new lovers by adding a touch of “The Cabin in the Woods” to their… cabin in the woods.

Ryder is awoken by the sound of someone desperately tugging at the door handle, trying to get into the cabin. He tries to wake Chloe up, but she’s too exhausted to notice. He has no choice but to brace himself to battle their attacker on his own!

After circling the cabin and rattling various windows for a few minutes, a mischievous Nikau returns through the window into his and Bella’s bed. They’re both laughing uncontrollably when they realise how much they’ve frightened their friend – hopefully that’ll teach them a lesson for interrupting their romantic getaway.

When they return to the harbour, however, they’re in for a surprise of their own. Bella takes a look at the photos she took during their vacation… and something chills her to the core among the beautiful images of their time away. A shadowy figure lurks in the shadows in the background of a closeup of Nik! Worse, it was taken before Ryder and Chloe arrived, indicating that it wasn’t another joke by either of them.

Was it true that they were the only ones in the cabin?!

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