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Home and Away spoilers: Nicolas Cartwright reveals major death drama for Cash: ‘This is just the beginning’


In the television series Home and Away, Nicholas Cartwright’s character Cash Newman (who had been in a coma) came to a somewhat surprising realisation upon his awakening.

Fans may recall that the officer was shot earlier this month after a police operation to apprehend the bikers went horribly wrong, leaving him struggling for his life.

Long Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) feared their beloved Cash would pass away for a while, he miraculously survived, recovering awareness and waking up from his coma.

Cash, however, was unable to recall the events that led up to his hospitalisation, which put Felicity in the unpleasant situation of having to inform him that Marty shot him and that Marty later died as a result of the wounds he received during the confrontation.


The policeman had a hard time understanding the news.

Actor Nicholas Cartwright told that Cash “doesn’t cope with the news of Marty’s death well.” It’s the reverse of why he joined the police, and it calls into question his entire career.

“His mentality is one of disbelief. He is on the verge of imploding because he can’t handle all the horrible things occurring to him at once.

Felicity was then counselled by Doctor Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) to give her brother some room while he processes everything that has happened.


Nicholas continued, “Cash gets rude to everyone around him when his mental state starts to worsen. But Dr. Cameron sees right through it and keeps caring for Cash. She is the only one who can see past the agony and recognise Cash’s mental anguish.

As Felicity is unable to respond to his inquiries, Cash looks for coworker Rose in the hopes that she will provide him the background information he needs to understand Marty’s passing.

But finally, things worsen, and Rose decides to let him read the case files in the hopes that this will provide him with the closure he needs.

Nicholas informs us that more heartbreaking sequences will be coming as Cash is just beginning a long journey to rehabilitation.


The actor declared, “This isn’t the end of the tale for Cash; it’s only the beginning.” “This only gets worse for Cash, and I can’t wait for viewers to watch what happens next,” said the speaker.

Count on our excitement!

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