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Home and Away spoilers: Nicholas Cartwright reveals exciting Xander and Rose twists and teases major ‘changes’ ahead


When Jasmine Delaney’s (Sam Frost) long-lost siblings Rose and Xander show up in Summer Bay, Cash Newman (Nicolas Cartwright) shows to be the voice of reason.

As fans are aware, Xander (Luke Van Os) made his début earlier this week, questioning Irene (Lynne McGranger) about Jasmine.

On Friday (May 6), Jasmine meets with Xander, but she receives the shock of her life when he discloses that he is her brother and that they share the same father.

Bring on the drama!


‘It’s really unexpected!,’ Cash actor Nicholas Cartwright told ‘I’m seeing the drama unfold in Australia right now, and it’s completely unexpected.’

‘There is no one in Jasmine’s life, and suddenly these two people appear on her doorway! It’s a complete frenzy for her right now.’

Jasmine has trouble processing Xander’s news, let alone the fact that her half-sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) has appeared.

This is where Cash comes in, as he provides comfort to his partner while also encouraging her to keep her choices open and consider getting to know her family.


‘[Jasmine’s] initial reaction, understandably, is to be offended by the prospect of two siblings showing up on her doorstep with whom she shares a father,’ Nicholas stated.

‘When she rejects the scenario, Cash switches to full support mode.’ “This is a tremendous chance,” he says. This is exactly what you require. Push into the situation rather than away from it.”

‘Cash’s responsibility in all of this is to ensure that Jasmine is safe and comfortable, and that she does not succumb to her flight instinct and flee. He wants to make sure she puts in the effort to get to know her family and at least give them a chance!’

Jasmine, on the other hand, is initially uninterested in Cash’s viewpoint, resulting in a rift between the two.


‘She doesn’t want to know [Rose and Xander], and she doesn’t want to know anything about her father,’ the soap actor revealed. ‘ That’s what she says, but Cash knows she’s upset about what happened to her father and has a lot of questions.

‘There is some friction between them, but I believe they communicate pretty well for a soap opera relationship!’ [laughs]. They talk it out until Jasmine is willing to engage with Rose and Xander.’

Cash, oddly, runs into Rose at the pool before he realises who she is. Furthermore, he runs into her again after witnessing her make a citizen’s arrest when Salt is robbed.

Nicholas revealed that Cash and Rose had a “bit of banter” before they even realise who they are, which is ideal given the upcoming major twist, as it comes out that Rose is also a police officer!

‘Cash feels a little ashamed,’ he continued, referring to his character’s reaction to learning what Rose does for a living.

‘At the cop shop, he’s giving her a lecture, telling her to look for herself – and she just listens to him, letting him dig a hole, and then she slams a badge down on the desk!’


‘I believe Cash finds it amusing [laughs].’ It’s all in good fun. He’s put in his place very immediately! It builds a friendly relationship between them that lasts for a long time!’

Nicholas also teased what fans might expect in the coming months, promising some “amazing” scenes.

‘All I’ll say is that if things appear to be going well in Summer Bay, they might not be. Right now, everything is perfect, right?

‘If all goes according to plan, the writers are getting ready to slam the hammer down! So brace yourself for some changes! There’s a lot of enthusiasm going on, and there’s a lot of amazing stuff.’

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