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Home and Away spoilers: Newcomer Tex sets his sights on a Summer Bay favourite


Marilyn (Emily Symons) has been attempting to manage Alf’s (Ray Meagher) companies while he is away in Merimbula with Roo (Georgie Parker) and Martha while working shifts at the Diner (Belinda Giblin). Irene has suggested that they seek assistance, and they soon get interested in the handyman ad. Marilyn is hesitant to get her hopes up so soon, but she does acknowledge that timing would be ideal given how difficult it is for her to discover everything.

Marilyn is relieved to meet Tex (Lucas Lineham), who has answered the ad, during the rush of the mid-dinner shift. Marilyn is won over by his charm, though she feels a little insulted when Alf approves of his employment. She is content to give Tex the reins, but there is a catch to the handover of responsibility.

Tex starts off strong, but Marilyn governs with an iron fist, telling him he has lots to do and refusing to even give him time to eat breakfast in the Diner. Marilyn’s micromanagement is questioned by Irene, but Marilyn is certain Tex has a deteriorating work ethic.

Marilyn shows to be a strict taskmaster, rushing the newcomer from one task to the next with almost any time for him to recover his breath despite the encouragement to give Tex time to settle in and study through the numerous notes she has left him. Tex, though, demonstrates his ability to handle the job. But at the diner, Irene takes Marilyn’s phone away when she repeatedly texts Tex while she is working.


Tex is strolling down the beach when he spots Rose (Kirsty Marillier) dressed in a police outfit. He gives her a playful greeting and can’t help but take care of her, but Rose is too preoccupied with her own issues with Cash to notice. Will there be romance in the air as Rose’s situation winds down and Tex settles into his employment with Alf’s companies?

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