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Home and Away spoilers: New trailer reveals huge pregnancy twist for Ziggy and Dean


When Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) learns she is pregnant in the upcoming episode of Home and Away, she is left in utter and total amazement.

The well-known character wins the surf tournament and comes home triumphant, full of life’s delights. She begins to think that she is close to realising her aspirations now that sponsorship is on the table.

However, when she emerges from the water, things drastically change when she loses her footing.

She receives assistance from Dr. Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin), who wonders if she might be expecting. The idea shocks Ziggy, but she decides to take a pregnancy test in order to find out more information.


Ziggy is surprised when the test results are positive and tries to figure out what would happen next.

Ziggy’s actress Sophie Dillman told that her character’s initial astonishment results from the fact that she is so close to success when she learns the truth.

“Oh my God, I don’t even know what to do,” she exclaimed as this enthusiasm arrived for her. She was prepared, this was her entire course of action, and it was simple and pleasant. She may not have calculated it right away.

“My dream was in my grasp, and now it’s been ripped away,” she laments. I kind of wanted to be a mom, but is that being taken away from me?”


When a person learns they are pregnant, “I’m sure in actuality it’s just everything going through your thoughts all at once.”

The aforementioned new trailer gives a sneak peek at the aforementioned scenes as Ziggy struggles to accept her news.

She also tells Dean (Patrick O’Connor) about it afterwards. What action will he take?

He’s ecstatic, Sophie exclaimed. “He would love to have another baby, but he doesn’t want to sway Ziggy any way because it’s her body and her decision so he’s very cautious about what she sees,” says Ziggy. “However, he is absolutely on board with having a baby.”


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