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All the information you need to know about the last episode of Neighbours’


Neighbours is nearing the end of its run, with just over two months left before we bid our final goodbyes to the people of Ramsay Street.

The classic serial has been on TV for 37 years, but due to Channel 5’s decision to cancel the show, the cast and crew will film its final scenes in June.

While Neighbours’ devoted audience is currently savouring every episode, excitement is mounting for the show’s nostalgic end.

If you’re not a superfan who has the date circled on your calendar, here’s all you need to know about when the final episode will air.


When will the final episode of Neighbours show in the United Kingdom?

The cast and crew of Neighbours were informed in June 2021 that the show has been extended for another year by Channel 5. Channel 5 had previously agreed to multi-year partnerships in 2007 and 2017, although this one was substantially shorter.

With several members of the cast and crew already anxious, their worst concerns were realised in February 2022 when Channel 5 announced that the soap will no longer be broadcast beyond August.

The production company Fremantle attempted to find a new UK broadcasting partner to fund additional episodes, but no deal could be reached, and Neighbours was cancelled in March after 37 years.

The final episode of Neighbours will air on Monday, August 1, according to Channel 5 executives.


The finale will be an hour-long “epic double episode,” according to the press release.

There’s no word yet on whether the finale will air at 1.45 p.m. and 6 p.m., or if it will be pushed to a prime-time special.

When will the final episode of Neighbours show in Australia?

Neighbours episodes have had their world debut on Channel 5 for UK audiences since January 2022, ending a decades-long tradition of Australia being the first to see the Ramsay Street action.

This is because Channel 5 has consistently aired five episodes per week throughout the year, but 10 Peach in Australia has only aired four.


The good news for Australian fans is that preparations are already in the works for 10 Peach to begin catching up.

10 Peach announced in March that starting on Monday, June 13, it would begin airing double episodes of Neighbours.

This means that at the end of the game, Australia will have caught up to the United Kingdom.

On the same day, the last episode will air in the United Kingdom and Australia. Because to the time difference between the two countries, Australia appears to be getting the episode first, albeit by a few hours.

“Friends of Ramsay Street can tune in to double the fun, double the action with double episodes starting Monday, June 13 to mark the final season of Neighbours,” a 10 Peach spokeswoman recently told TV Tonight.

“On Monday, August 1st, the ultimate series finale will air.”


When will the final episode of Neighbours show in Ireland?

RTÉ One has also announced that the finale of Neighbours will be televised in Ireland.

The Irish broadcaster has a practise of airing shows one day after Channel 5 at 2 p.m.

The one-hour conclusion of Neighbours will be broken into two parts, according to a recent statement on RTÉ’s website.

This means that on Tuesday, August 2nd, the penultimate episode will show on RTÉ One, followed by the final visit to Ramsay Street on Wednesday, August 3rd.

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