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Home and Away spoilers: Felicity runs Salt as Mackenzie goes to prison?


As the deadline for sentencing Mackenzie (Emily Weir) for the illicit poker nights approaches, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is over herself with anxiety and remorse. She feels somewhat responsible because she was the one who originally thought up the concept, but she also wants to help her buddy but doesn’t know how. Tane (Ethan Browne) advises her to simply wait, but Felicity isn’t capable of doing so.

Tane follows her as she enters Salt for her shift. Tane observes a folder full of paperwork, including Salt’s accounts and inventory, while she sets up the bar. Additionally, she is the recipient of a letter. When Felicity opens it, she recognises Mackenzie as the sender. Because “while you read this, I’m presumably in a cell somewhere,” she has informed Felicity that she is the new boss and is responsible for maintaining Salt’s operations.

Felicity asks Tane how she’s supposed to manage managing an entire restaurant as her anxiety reaches a peak and she starts to panic. Tane is composed and assertive, claiming that if Mackenzie has faith in her, there is no question that she is qualified for the position. However, Felicity is agitated and this new revelation has made her fear over Mackenzie’s sentencing worse.

Mackenzie, in the meantime, tells Dean (Patrick O’Connor) that she is frightened of going to prison. She claims she is unable to appear in court, but Dean and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) assure her that they would stand by her no matter what. As Dean gets ready to go with his sister to the sentence, Mackenzie gives Ziggy one last embrace and tells her to take care of her brother.


Felicity breaks down in Salt as she thumbs through the papers provided for her as Mackenzie enters the courtroom dressed to the nines. She declares in a panic that she can not comprehend any of them to Tane. Tane claims Felicity will pick things up as she goes, but Felicity isn’t sure.

Is Mackenzie ready to be sentenced to prison, putting her anxious buddy in charge of the company while she’s away?

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