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Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie Booth is given a lifeline, but will she take it?


It appears that Emily Weir’s character Mackenzie Booth from Home and Away has discovered a solution to her debt issues.

Mackenzie Booth may have avoided jail time for hosting unlawful gambling events at Salt, but she still has a mountain of debt to pay off.

The goal of the gambling nights was to reduce some of the bills that had accumulated as a result of the restaurant’s hazardous gas leak, which was not covered by insurance.

Unfortunately, Mac’s plans didn’t work out and she ended up in serious legal jeopardy.


Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) feels bad for the difficulty she’s brought Mac and has sworn to get her out of the financial muck because it was her not-very-smart idea.

The girls have reasoned that finding a new investor is the best way to prevent Salt from failing after consulting their business minds.

Mackenzie and Felicity are worn out from their meetings with possible investors, and they can only wait to see whether they receive a bite.

When an investor phones Mackenzie the following day with a very generous offer, everyone is thrilled!


Everyone but Mac, that is. She seems to have changed her mind about the whole investor thing!

Dean Thompson, Mac’s brother (Patrick O’Connor), is perplexed despite being aware that it is a simple solution to her debt issues.

Why is she acting so tentatively?

In a quiet time, Mackenzie tells Felicity that she’s having trouble sharing her company and worries about someone taking over, so she decides it would be best to sell Salt rather than risk losing everything.


But Felicity has yet another lightbulb moment as Mac drowns her sorrows.

This time, what is Felicity planning?

Nikaau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) has to have one of the sea urchin’s spiky creature’s spines removed from his foot after treading on one at the beach.

When it’s over, Nikau is unhappy to learn that he will be kept in for observation overnight, but he soon cheers up when his nurse Naomi Stevens (Jamaica Vaughan) promises to keep him company.

The two get along well and quickly begin to joke around and laugh with each other like old friends.

When John Palmer (Shane Withington) picks up Nikau from the hospital the following morning, he can’t help but notice how well they get along.


Is Nikau and Naomi’s romance in the works?

Where does Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller), Nikau’s long-distance partner, stand in that scenario?

Channel 5 will continue to air Home and Away every day at 1:15 PM.

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