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Home and Away Spoilers – Levi’s accused of having an affair with Bree


This week on the Australian version of Home and Away, Mackenzie gets envious when she witnesses Levi making out with Bree, which prompts Eden to level a serious charge.

This week, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) gets dangerously close to learning the real reason why big brother Levi (Tristan Gorey) has been spending so much time at Summer Bay, almost exposing the affair between Levi (Emily Weir) and Mackenzie (Tristan Gorey).

Levi, a cardiothoracic surgeon, had read about Mac’s situation and decided to visit Northern Districts Hospital. He had no idea that, after saving Mac’s life, he would become involved in an extramarital affair with her.

Although he appeared to be torn by the moral implications, Mac was the one who first planted a kiss on her doctor’s lips. Eventually, we discovered the real reason Levi was having an intense romantic relationship with Mac—he had a wife named Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) who lived in the city.


After witnessing how her mother’s heart had been destroyed by her own father Rick’s (Mark Lee) multiple relationships, Mac had recoiled at the thought of being “the other woman,” but she finally recognised that she was powerless against temptation.

Levi was the same. Although he was contentedly wed to Imogen, who appeared to be the ideal wife, meeting Mac completely upended his world.

Eden, straddling his two worlds, has gone dangerously close to blowing it all as Levi has juggled being in Summer Bay with spending time at home.

When Eden unexpectedly showed up at Levi’s door in the city, he immediately let her know that Imogen believed he had been spending time at Summer Bay with her.


He had pledged to avoid seeing patients outside of the city, but he told Eden that Mac had required his help lately, claiming that Imogen was concerned he was working too much.

Despite a couple more near misses, Levi and Mac have so far been able to keep things under wraps; only her housemates Tane (Ethan Browne) and Mali (Kyle Shilling) are aware of the reality.

This time, however, an unexpected source puts a spanking in the pigeons when Bree (Juliet Godwin) chooses to go after the sulky doctor herself!

Not too long ago, after Levi decided to conduct a dangerous operation on Remi (Adam Rowland) after the latter was knocked off his bike by a car, the two got into a heated argument at the hospital.


Meanwhile, Remi and Bree broke up because he wouldn’t stop riding his motorcycle, and they have been able to stay apart ever since.

But when the DJ cancels at the last minute at Xander’s (Luke Van Os) most recent fundraiser at Salt, things go wrong and Remi and Eden are asked to provide entertainment for the evening, bringing Remi and Bree together for the first time since their separation.

Bree seizes the chance to make Remi envious, and she quickly turns her rebound feelings towards Levi.

Levi is taken aback by Bree’s abrupt change of heart as she flirtatiously says, “I was wondering when I’d run into you again.”

Mac is watching the two closely while they have a drink, and everyone is staring at Bree because of her outrageous dance moves with Levi.

A sour Mac tells Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Xander, “The way Bree is throwing herself at Levi is actually quite sad.”


Remi’s imagination, however, starts to fill in the blanks when she asks Eden why Levi has been spending so much time in the bay.

Tristan Gorey told TV Week that Levi “has managed to maintain the secret affair with Mackenzie well.” But following the “incident” at Salt, Eden starts to have suspicions about something simmering beneath the surface.

In an attempt to tease viewers for this week’s episodes, Eden chooses to ask Levi directly whether he is having an affair.

Tristan continues, “Fortunately for Levi, it’s not Mackenzie she thinks he’s having an affair with—it’s Bree.”

Another sigh of relief for Eden when Levi is able to sincerely persuade him that Bree is not having any problems. that is, until Eden makes the decision to surprise Imogen by inviting her to Summer Bay.

Will Levi be able to maintain his composure now that his sister, wife, and lover are all in the same area?

“The ‘arrangement’ Mackenzie and Levi have will definitely face its own special set of challenges with Imogen in the Bay,” Tristan says.

“Levi needs to make sure he moves quickly if he wants to keep seeing Mackenzie and keep up his relationship with his sister!”

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