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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin and Leah fight may cause the things to change and john gets a new house


As Theo and Chloe’s friendship deepens, Justin and Leah’s relationship begins to unravel this week on Home and Away in Australia…

When Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) and Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) were announced as Summer Bay’s newest coupling, everyone was taken aback.

While there have been a few bumps in the road, such as Theo becoming entangled in Chloe’s manipulation of Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller), things have settled down between the two now that Chloe is in a better position.

Theo’s aunt Leah was concerned when it became clear that Theo and Chloe were becoming more than friends (Ada Nicodemou).


Leah was concerned about Chloe’s recent behaviour because she knew Theo had struggled in the weeks since his father’s abuse was revealed. If Chloe wasn’t in a good mood, it could throw Theo off.

Chloe was asked over for supper by Leah and Justin (James Stewart), who bombarded her with loaded questions. Leah stopped pussyfooting around and questioned straight out what Chloe’s objectives were when she came to her own conclusions that she likes to fool around.

The next day, Leah was compelled to apologise to Chloe, and when Theo and Chloe reunited, he was concerned that he had been dumped before their relationship had progressed.

Instead, the two went public with their relationship, which Leah and Justin learned about when they ran into a half-naked Theo emerging from his room, where he was entertaining Chloe.


Matt Evans told TV Week, “In his mind, Chloe is the most gorgeous, smartest girl, and he’s had his eye on her from the very beginning.”

Leah was initially ecstatic to see Theo, but as the week progressed, a pattern established, with Chloe spending all of her time at Leah and Justin’s house. Despite the fact that they were both thrilled to see Theo happy, they agreed that it was getting to be too much.

After being stopped by Theo and Chloe during a romantic session of their own, Justin and Leah decided it was time to speak with them.

They were taken aback when Chloe returned later with gifts to thank Leah and Justin for welcoming her into their home. Leah refrained from bringing up the matter because they were having supper prepared by Chloe and Theo.


When Chloe walked in on Justin in the shower that evening, everything came to a head, and Justin and Leah told Theo that Chloe needed to go home the next morning.

When the four of them got together at Salt, Justin finally grabbed the bull by the horns and told Chloe that Leah doesn’t want her to stay all the time!

As Theo tried to explain, Chloe bolted, and Leah was left angry at Justin, who admitted that it had gone wrong…

This week, Leah is still enraged that Justin is blaming her for everything, so she confines him to the sofa.

Justin stays at John Palmer’s (Shane Withington) house because he thinks Leah is overreacting, which causes problems for John, who isn’t fond of his new house guest…

The next day, things aren’t any better, as Justin demands an apology from Leah when she tries to make amends.


Meanwhile, Theo faces his own set of challenges when Chloe hosts a large Parata family BBQ to officially introduce him as her other half.

Theo has previously expressed his apprehension about meeting the Paratas for the first time, and the gathering grows in size with the addition of Tane’s (Ethan Browne) girlfriend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Tane is hopeful that Felicity and Cash would be able to mend their troubled relationship after he was forced to arrest her for her involvement in Salt’s illicit poker games.

Tane begins to wind Theo up by asking what his aims are, and Theo quickly finds himself confronting the same questions as Chloe did.

Nik encourages Theo to take a few steps back when the gang gathers for a shot… Tane pushes him into the water in a playful manner!

The Paratas’ unconventional welcome serves as the ideal icebreaker, but there’s still the matter of Leah and Justin to resolve…

Theo and Chloe are desperate to make things right between the two, but given their refusal to communicate, it appears that the process will be difficult.

Is Leah and Justin’s romance going to last?

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