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Home and Away spoilers: Can Xander Delaney heal the rift between Cash and Rose?


In the television series Home and Away, Xander Delaney (played by Luke Van Os) tries to mediate the conflict between his sister Rose (Kirsty Mariller) and Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Rose and Cash are still quite tense with one another.

Cash’s discovery that Rose has been crushing on him for months has made Rose angry.

And for two reasons, that’s AWKS.


Cops Cash and Rose have to cooperate in addition to the fact that he is in a relationship with her sister, Jasmine.

Cash was prepared to leave the awful situation behind them and move forward. until he learned that Rose had requested to be rostered on several shifts.

Cash was furious and worried about how that could appear to his bosses.

Rose’s brother Xander (Luke Van Os) chooses to bring Cash over for lunch at the home that the siblings have recently moved into in an effort to maintain peace.


The fact that Rose invites Tex Wheeler (Lucas Lineham) and is all over the hot handyman at the dinner table while downing a tonne of wine to avoid any idea of reconciliation, however, makes it plain that she is in no mood to make things right with Cash.

Cash runs off in rage at Rose’s resistance to mediating the situation.

Meanwhile, Xander is frustrated by his sister’s actions.

Isn’t it about time she gave Cash a break?


Georgie Parker’s character, Roo Stewart, returns from Merimbula after recovering from giving her mother Martha a kidney (Belinda Giblin).

Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) is quick to introduce her friend to Tex, who has been keeping the bait shop and RV park open while she was away.

Marilyn tells Roo when they are alone that she has no work left for Tex to complete despite having promised him a full month’s worth of work.

When Tex disarms Roo by expressing thanks for giving him a job when he was down, she finds it difficult to carry out her threat to dismiss him. Roo tells her she will handle it, which is a polite way of stating she will fire him.

When there is no work, how does she keep someone on the payroll?

The trouble Justin Morgan (James Stewart) has caused Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) has left him feeling extremely remorseful.


Ada Nicodemou’s character, Leah Patterson-Baker, was appalled to learn that Justin had completed a TAFE project for Theo, and she persuaded her boyfriend to inform Theo’s teacher after learning that Justin had cheated.

But neither of them realised that Theo earned the distinction on his own merit and did not turn in Justin’s homework.

Theo, who was accused of cheating, was devastated to have to take the exam and is now anxiously awaiting the results.

Although Justin still has a lot to make up for, the apprentice mechanic finds it difficult to win Theo over. If the results aren’t satisfactory, he is more concerned that his tutor will suspect him of cheating.

Theo feels relieved to have been vindicated after passing with flying colours.

But when Justin receives a call from the TAFE tutor and learns that he can no longer teach apprentices, there’s more bad news on the horizon.

What does this imply for Theo’s apprenticeship going forward?

Channel 5 will continue to air Home and Away every day at 1:15 PM.

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