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Home and Away Spoilers – Jasmine Delaney has a special surprise in new promo


In next week’s episode of Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney’s world is turned upside down, and a new preview offers us our first look at new characters Rose and Xander. Is Jasmine prepared to meet her long-lost relatives?

“What if you didn’t know you have family?” enquires the brand new promo, which aired in Australia after Wednesday night’s programme.

“And they showed up on your doorstep?”

That’s exactly what Jasmine (Sam Frost) will experience in next week’s episode of Home and Away, when she meets Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os).


“My name is Xander, and this is Rose,” the new male persona tells Irene.

The commercial then cuts to their first encounter with Jasmine, who is still in her pyjamas when they arrive at her doorstep.

What will Jasmine’s reaction be when two additional family members show up unexpectedly?

Not very well, as it turns out.


“I’ve never had a big sister before,” Rose says, but it appears that if she wants to create a strong relationship with her long-lost sibling, she’ll have her work cut out for her.

Rose and Xander’s casting was confirmed by Seven in November. Seven had kept Rose’s entire name a secret at the time of their initial announcement, but an update to Kirsty’s résumé later disclosed it to us… Delaney, Rose.

Jasmine first arrived in Summer Bay at the end of 2017, and we’ve since learned that she was six years old when her mother died in a vehicle accident. Her father left a year later, unable to cope with being a single parent, leaving Jasmine to grow up in the care of foster parents.

This recent finding shows that Jasmine’s father had more children, but Jasmine was completely unaware of it.


While she had a nice life with her foster parents, Jasmine was disappointed that she had no family or acquaintances from her previous life to invite to her wedding to Robbo (Jake Ryan) in 2019.

All of that is going to change.

Jasmine seeks guidance from Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) on the recent development in her life, and it appears that her biggest concern is the fact that Rose and Xander showed up without warning.

“Would you show up at your sister’s house without warning if you found out you had a sister?” she wonders.

While the trailer just mentions her having a sister and leaves Xander’s identity somewhat ambiguous, we’re given a strong suggestion that he’s also a Jasmine relative when he informs her, “you were listed in dad’s will.”

Jasmine now appears to have both a sister and a brother.


When Xander’s persona was first revealed, Seven indicated that he is related to a Summer Bay favourite. He was also defined as “a strange individual who arrives in the Bay in search of answers” in a news release.

Jasmine appears to have little desire to form bonds with her new family members. This does not stop them, though, because they need to talk about their father’s will.

“At the very least, we need to speak with you about your inheritance,” Rose says Jasmine, but she receives a less-than-pleasant response as Jasmine shuts her down.


“I don’t want anything to do with it, or you,” Jasmine tells Rose in another scene back at the beach house, which is now home to Irene, Jasmine, and Cash.

“Would you accept them into your world?” asks the new promo, as two visitors walk down the shore.

“I’m beginning to believe you were correct. “Perhaps we should simply return home,” Xander suggests to Rose.

We already know that both characters will stick around and make Summer Bay their new home now that they have joined the regular cast.

Jasmine may be taken aback by their arrival in town, but could an even bigger scandal be on the way?

Rose makes the most of her time at Summer Bay by swimming in the rock pool at the beach’s southern end. Cash, who has recently confessed his love for Jasmine, is there when she meets him.

Is Jasmine, on the other hand, about to meet a love rival?

Cash remarks to the visitor, “Pool’s obviously worked its magic on you,” implying that they’ve already met by this time.

Does Rose, on the other hand, realise that Cash is Jasmine’s boyfriend?

Rose appears to inspect Cash’s body after a shot of him removing his shirt, before exclaiming, “I could absolutely get used to it.”

We then see a few more views of Cash and Rose, with Rose looking as though she’s sizing him up once more.

“While we’re here, one of us might as well appreciate this place,” Xander replies.

Is this a sign that Rose is about to fall for Summer Bay’s newest Senior Constable, or is it simply the Home and Away promo team at work?

In any case, it appears like Rose will be spending a lot of time with Senior Constable Newman, who we discover is a police officer.

Rose is seen running through the park before tackling and pinning a random criminal against his car in the trailer.

Cash is taken aback by the sight of a civilian apprehending a criminal in such a dramatic manner.

At the Northern Districts Police Station, the officer begins to tell her that she isn’t “a highly trained police officer…”, but Rose interrupts him by placing her police badge on the counter.

“Police officer?” she finishes.

“Are you a cop?” Rose gives a huge grin as Cash asks, impressed.

Then there’s a scene of Cash and Jasmine kissing, followed by Rose staring longingly.

“Before coming here, I had no idea what to anticipate,” Rose says at the end of the trailer. “But it wasn’t this,”

Rose and Xander are set to make their debut on Thursday, March 31st, in the United States, and on Thursday, May 5th, in the United Kingdom.

“I am extremely humbled to be welcomed as a series regular on Home and Away,” Kirsty remarked of joining the show as Rose.

“I recall fantasising of a sunny utopia while watching this icon-of-a-show in high school – it’s weird to have this become my reality.”

“I hope UK viewers adore Rose as much as I do, and that in 2022, they get to know her intimately as she uncovers mysteries and embraces the bay.”

“I’m so delighted to be joining a legendary programme like Home and Away, it’s a dream come true,” Luke stated when the character of Xander was introduced.

“I’m looking forward to introducing my character Xander to the UK audience.” He’s come to the Bay in search of answers and has a close relationship with one of the Summer Bay’s most popular characters. In 2022, all will be disclosed.”

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