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Home and Away Spoilers – Gary returns as Felicity faces her past


The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity reconnects with Gary and gets his aid in facing her past, while Bree receives a shocking revelation.

After the automobile crash, which converted her life into a car crash, Next week, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) finally makes a significant progress towards exorcising her demons.

After the wedding that never happened, Flick’s downward spiral saw her resort to alcohol, leave the house, and eventually break up with fiancé Tane (Ethan Browne) after he confronted her about her drinking.

Flick has recently experienced an incident that resulted in her licence being suspended after she was discovered driving under the influence by her brother Cash, a police officer (Nicholas Cartwright). She says that since then, she hasn’t touched a drop.


However, there is currently no indication that Flick and Tane are on good terms.

Flick has acknowledged to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) that she truly didn’t want to leave Tane, and the two of them are at least communicating again, but she is holding off on apologising to Tane since she firmly believes that she doesn’t deserve a chance at happiness with him.

The following week, as Tane gets home, Flick is there to greet him. Flick explains that she is aware of the pain she is causing him and that she appreciates his persistent efforts to assist her before announcing that she is leaving because she thinks it will be best for all of them.

Tane pulls Flick in for a kiss and tells her he still loves her as he begs her not to leave, but Flick has already made up her mind.


By taking a ride out of town, Flick ends up travelling to her former hometown and arriving at Gary Morrow’s (Peter Phelps) home.

Since she turned 16, this is Flick’s first visit to the farm. Following the suicide of their father Anthony and the deaths of their mother Jennifer, the Newman children were taken in by Gary and his late wife Katherine, but Flick spent the following seven years rebelling against them.

Since leaving, Flick hasn’t spoken to her foster parents, and it wasn’t until Cash intervened in the weeks before the aborted wedding that Flick and Gary were able to make amends.

It became out that Flick had avoided Gary and Kath because of her embarrassment about how she had treated them, despite their constant and unwavering love for her.


Whether or not Flick is aware of it, her affections for Tane are now behaving similarly, so it’s maybe fitting that she has ended up back where it all started.

Flick hugs a stunned Gary and sobs profusely when she admits she has no idea what brought her here.

Flick laments how she’s run away from her issues yet again, pointing out that she can’t continue to harm Tane if she’s not at Summer Bay. Gary suggests that perhaps this time she hasn’t actually “run away” but rather returned home, and that there must be a reason for this.

Gary gets a thought on what might be helpful as Flick relates that Eden had encouraged her to face her demons and that the farm was where things started to go wrong for her.

Gary brings Flick to the graves of her parents, which are located nearby in a quiet, gorgeous area.

Flick apologises to her parents for not coming sooner when she is left alone with her thoughts.


She says that, having previously refused to think he could do such a thing until Cash presented unquestionable proof last year, she now at last knows what drove him to take his own life, speaking to Anthony in particular.

Flick sobs as she kneels in front of the graves and declares that she will stop running away after admitting that she has done so for the majority of her life. She’s going to use every effort to achieve happiness.

Gary is happy that Flick has found some closure when he returns home, but he then inquires about Tane.

Flick believes it’s too late to make things right, but Gary reassures her that she has the power to do so by bringing up their own reconciliation.

Flick can’t help but be shocked when Tane shows up at the farm the following morning after leaving him a message.

She stares with astonishment at “You came…”

Naturally, I did. Tane answers. Do you want to know what I’m doing here right now?

Will Flick finally be in a position to help Tane?

As if Bree’s (Juliet Godwin) life in Summer Bay weren’t already difficult enough, she receives an unexpected surprise that completely floored her.

Seven weeks had passed since Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree’s relationship abruptly came to an end when Bree’s controlling husband Jacob (Alex Williams) kidnapped them both and then fled the bay with Bree after viciously assaulting Remi.

Bree had felt guilty about having to let Jacob to have s*x with her since she felt compelled to put on a front for him as they camped out in the bush to avoid the law.

Bree was trying to leave a letter for Remi when Jacob found her, so he knocked her out and began digging what appeared to be a grave.

When Bree regained consciousness, she realised that her life was in grave danger. She sneaked up on Jacob and accidentally killed him by hitting him with a shovel.

Since then, Bree has struggled to restart her romance with Remi, despite the two of them having so far only made hesitant attempts at spending time together.

The following week, Remi approaches Bree on the sand to express his gratitude for helping him with his damaged hand recently.

As soon as he notices that she is acting strangely, he offers to buy her coffee at the diner.

Bree decides to go with him while putting on a brave face, but as soon as she’s finished her coffee, she can’t wait to leave the café, saying that she needs to get to a counselling appointment.

Bree rushes upstairs to her flat and starts crying.

In the meantime, Remi questions why everything seems to be going backwards all of a sudden and later visits the flat to seek clarification.

Bree refuses to discuss the fact that something is wrong even though he is aware of it. Bree shouts at a defeated Remi to leave her alone as she becomes agitated, telling her to go.

Bree finally decides it’s time to open up to someone about what’s actually going on when housemate Rose (Kirsty Marillier) later arrives and can sense that Bree isn’t in a good place.

Bree then reveals that she’s pregnant, shocking Rose. and she has no idea if Remi or Jacob is the father!

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