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Home and Away spoilers: Emily Symons teases huge Marilyn and Heather twists in dark storyline


Emily Symons’ character Marilyn Chambers from Home and Away is fully aware that Heather is not what she seems to be (Sofia Nolan).

Heather arrived in Summer Bay a few weeks ago, eager to start over and enrol in Roo Stewart’s law programme (Georgie Parker).

The dedication of Heather as a pupil made Roo happy, but Marilyn immediately sensed that something was off with the newcomer since she was giving her the chills.

Marilyn expressed her concerns to Roo and Alf (Ray Meagher), who both agreed that she was reading too much into it. However, Marilyn has remained steadfast in her position since she believes Heather cannot be trusted.


Marilyn thinks Heather’s behaviour and demeanour are strange. According to actress Emily Symons, She has a deep-seated sense that something is wrong with her.

This week, scheming Heather, who is thought to be Maz’s long-lost daughter, broke into her house and set an empty wine bottle in front of her as a ruse, proving Marilyn’s idea to be accurate.

Emily informed us that “it is consistent with all of Heather’s other behaviour in addition to leaving the photo on her breast.” She is certain that it is Heather.

Later this week, when Jett, Marilyn’s son, receives a text message that appears to be from his mother and claims that an adoptive child cannot compare to a biological one, things take an unexpected turn.


Marilyn claims to be innocent, but as Heather’s deception begins to succeed, some of her loved ones are beginning to harbour suspicions, dealing a fatal blow to the Home and Away mythology.

Emily continued, “[Marilyn] is extremely shocked that anyone would think that of her.

However, Emily, who also portrayed Louise Appleton in Emmerdale, forewarned that Marilyn would embark on a significant trip in the following weeks, regardless of how this plot turns out.

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