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Home and Away spoilers: Dean Thompson THREATENS Nathan


On Home and Away, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) is adamant about clearing his name and demonstrating that he didn’t kill PK.

Otherwise, the surfer guy might have to do additional time in jail!

Dean is convinced that poker player Nathan Silva (Ryan Panizza), who has already caused a lot of trouble for Dean’s sister Mackenzie Booth, is trying to frame him for the death of PK (Emily Weir).

After doing a disappearing act, Dean heads for the dilapidated home where Nathan is being held captive by his River Boy friends Nugget (Yure Covich) and Red (Luke Chiswell)!


In any case, Dean is committed to getting Nathan to admit what he did wrong.

How far will Dean go to learn the truth, though?

Dean’s arrest warrant is in the hands of Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) back in the Bay.

Will Dean be able to establish his innocence prior to the deadline?


After being recently stabbed at Salt, Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) is slowly getting back on his feet.

Felicity Newman, Tane’s girlfriend (Jacqui Purvis), cautions him to be gentle with himself.

She is, however, more than willing to aid in his recovery by engaging in some sensual activity in the bedroom.

The love bubble between Tane and Felicity, nevertheless, might be poised to pop.


Cash, Felicity’s brother who works as a police officer, is preoccupied with the PK’s murder probe.

Additionally, the copper is about to make a SHOCKING revelation regarding his sister’s involvement in the unlawful gambling nights at Salt.


Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), meantime, is worried about the worst following the abrupt departure of her partner Dean.

She has been here before, though, and she worries that he and his River Boy friends are up to more shady activity.

After receiving a warrant for Dean’s arrest from the police, Ziggy makes the decision that enough is enough.


She begins bagging up.

Is Ziggy planning to leave Dean?

Channel 5 will continue to air Home and Away every day at 1:15 PM.

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