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Home and Away Spoilers – Chloe and Ryder begin battle against Mackenzie


On next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK, Ryder and Chloe start a new business that will irritate Mackenzie since they will be competing in the wealthy Summer Bay hotel industry.

Since Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) downward spiral got Chloe fired at Salt and Ryder resigned in support of his girlfriend, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe (Sam Barrett) have been enjoying the freedom of being unemployed.

Alf and Roo (Georgie Parker) want them to straighten their lives out after weeks of getting under Alf’s (Ray Meagher) feet, nagging Marilyn (Emily Symons) for free food at the restaurant, and generally upsetting their family with their laissez-faire attitude regarding their future.

Alf wanted a plan from the two at the end of last week, threatening Ryder with shifts at the bait store if they didn’t come up with one immediately. Chloe came to their aid by reassuring them that they had a strategy in place and were simply waiting for the proper time to announce it…


The next week, a sceptical Roo continues to exert pressure on the young teenagers, setting a deadline for them to divulge their money-making scheme.

“Okay, here’s the deal: if you don’t give me your career strategy by this afternoon, I’ll come up with one for you.”

When Ryder tells his aunt that she hasn’t worked in event management in years and doesn’t know how today’s hospitality is run, she reminds him of one thing: “I am aware that the caravan park requires a toilet cleaner..”

Ryder, on the other hand, needn’t be concerned since Chloe already has a plan. She hands him the business card from the taco truck that catered Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) modelling party, and she unveils her great plan: they’re going to open their own food truck!


It may be parked at the surf club’s parking lot. She claims that selling tacos out of a van isn’t difficult, and that they’ll make a killing feeding hungry surfers right off the beach. Ryder thinks it’s a wonderful idea and hops on board right away.

The only drawback is a small one. “How are we going to get the money we need for the start-up?”

Ryder, Chloe feels, can easily enlist the help of his baby-boomer cousins and friends. They don’t have a clear grasp of the figures when they sit down with Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo to sell their plan. When Alf asks Chloe how much their early outlays will be, she can only say “the normal amount,” indicating that they need to think about it further.

Later, they meet with Roo, who is more numerate, and she goes through their initial charges with them. The couple is hesitant to talk about the dull side of business, preferring to focus on their firm name and showy job titles, but she maintains it’s necessary.


When the expenditures start to build up – truck, trailer, cooking equipment, supplies, a municipal permission, and so on – they’re in for a rude awakening.

When Roo gives them with the final amount, Chloe arrogantly remarks, “You totalled it up wrong.” “Do you teach math?” I enquire.

“These statistics are correct,” Roo asserts, oblivious to Chloe’s demeanour. “You’re staring at a $50,000 bill!”


For Chloe, the news is a big blow, and she instantly believes their dream is ruined. Ryder, on the other hand, is still upbeat and certain that they can pull it off. As they try to come up with a strategy at the Parata, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Tane appear (Ethan Browne).

A lightbulb goes off in Ziggy’s mind as they retell their idea and explain that they’re in dire need of a vehicle.


“I might be able to assist you. I know someone who owns a scrap yard.”

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is still dealing with the aftermath of her abortion and breakup. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) had to drag her kicking and screaming back to work at Salt since she was drunk and had cut her hand on shattered glass.

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