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Home and Away cast support Courtney Miller as she launches new project


Courtney Miller of Home and Away has embarked on a new business away from Summer Bay, and her castmates have rallied to her aid.

Courtney joined the cast of the Australian soap opera in 2018, as Bella Nixon.

Courtney posted on Instagram on Friday (June 11) that she has been making art and that her work is presently on display in a Sidney art gallery.

“The opening night has come and gone. Thank you to everyone who attended. The exhibition will close on June 26. Please come in! Details are available in the bio “Courtney put in a caption next to a photograph of one of her works.


Courtney’s art was enthusiastically supported by the cast of Home and Away, as seen by Georgie Parker’s photo of Courtney and other cast members during the exhibition’s opening night.

Courtney and Georgie posed with Patrick O’Connor, Sophie Dillman, Emily Weir, and Sam Frost, who captioned the photo, “Twas a good night.”

Lukas Radovich, who portrays Ryder Jackson on Home and Away, was another cast member who came out to support Courtney. He shared a photo of himself and Courtney on Instagram, along with a beautiful note to his co-star.

@courtney_ally, @__hp__art__, and @katie_hides . We are ecstatic that they have just opened their first art display. Your gift for EVERYTHING and passion for life continue to surprise and excite me every day, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.”


From June 7 to June 26, the show will be on display at Balmain Space.

Home and Away airs on Channel 5 (UK) weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm and on Channel 7 (UK) Monday to Thursday at 7pm (Australia). Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom has a collection of old episodes.

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