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Home and Away – who dies and what happens next?


The following is a synopsis of the new plotline on the programme.

Everyone is buzzing about the Home and Away mystery – which Summer Bay character is likely to be murdered off?

At the outset of this week, show executives launched a gruesome guessing game by saying that a corpse would shortly be discovered in the Bay.

The shocking plotline, which premieres in Australia next week, is expected to have enormous ramifications in the coming weeks.


Here’s a short rundown of all we know thus far about the story.

When will the corpse be discovered, and where will it be located?

Two fisherman out on the ocean in Summer Bay will find the mysterious body in the sea in upcoming scenes. They yell to the beach to alert the authorities to the awful finding.

These scenes are slated to show in Australia on Monday night (June 14), so fans there won’t have to wait long to watch the drama begin.


Unfortunately, the UK broadcasts of Home and Away are currently lagging more behind the Australian broadcasts. Recently, Channel 7 has shown several six-episode weeks, although Channel 5 only broadcasts five episodes per week.

This means that viewers in the United Kingdom will have to wait until Monday, July 23 to watch the plot premiere on Channel 5.

Who dies?

The most important question. A selection of four characters was offered when the plotline was initially reported in Australian magazine TV Week: Leah Patterson-Baker, Justin Morgan, Mackenzie Booth, and Susie McAllister.


The official teaser for the plotline on Home and Away later seemed to rule out Justin, with fresh video showing Ryder informing Dean that a woman’s body had been discovered.

The sneak peek clip also appears to reveal that Leah is not the victim, since she can be seen on the beach as the fisherman raise the alarm about the shocking finding.

Mac has been aggressively promoted as a potential replacement, since she has been in a downhill spiral on Australian television for some weeks.

Mac humiliated herself by gatecrashing Nikau Parata’s modelling party, becoming drunk, and clashing with the attendees in this week’s shows on Channel 7.

Mac subsequently expressed guilt for her actions when a video of her shenanigans went viral and she was frightened by the film. After losing everything and alienating everyone close to her, she confided in Dean that she didn’t see a way ahead for herself.

The next morning, Mac had vanished, leaving behind all of her stuff, including her phone, leaving Dean concerned that something wasn’t quite right.


However, Mac has already been mentioned in brief teaser teasers for the aftermath of the body finding, ruling her out as well.

Emily Weir, who portrays Mac, was spotted filming on location for Home and Away last month, which will be of interest to fans.

Emily was spotted filming scenes with new cast member Harley Bonner, who has yet to make his debut appearance as Dr Logan Bennett, by paparazzi.

Unless Emily is playing Mac’s twin (which isn’t as implausible as it seems in Summer Bay), Susie appears to be the best bet.

Susie hasn’t been seen in the Bay since earlier this year when she duped Leah, Justin, and John.

The schemer left a trail of enemies in the neighbourhood, so if her death is discovered under questionable circumstances, it’ll make for a compelling plot.

Is it possible that Leah, John, or Justin are to blame? Irene, a past opponent, may have exacted vengeance when Susie assaulted her. Is it possible that shady newcomer Stephen has decided to act after his own tragic experience with Susie? There would be no limit to the possibilities.

So, what’s next?

As an official enquiry into the mystery death of Home and Away begins, expect some suspenseful episodes.

Lucy Addario, the show’s producer, recently told TV Week that viewers are in for a “wild ride” when the repercussions play out.

The Summer Bay residents are still waiting to learn the identify of the individual who has lost their life in Tuesday night’s Australian episode (June 15), which airs in the UK on July 26. Both Dean and Ryder are afraid that it’s Mac.

Beyond that, there’s a lot of mistrust as people try to figure out what occurred and who could be to blame.

Fans of Home and Away will also see a new officer arrive in the Bay to lead the probe.

As part of this narrative, Nicholas Cartwright has been cast as senior constable Cash Newman, who will be shaking up life in the Bay. The show’s latest cast member previously spent six years in the Australian army.

To get into a role like this, I believe it definitely helps having a military background and knowing of rank and things like that, as Nicholas previously told Perth Now.

“You could feel a bit lost after leaving the military, and no one wants to work a regular job. So I went to the [National Institute of Dramatic Art] and asked myself, “What is the wildest thing I can do?”

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