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Home and Away Spoilers – Bree returns to Summer Bay with heartbreaking news


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Theo takes a risky turn following his trip with Valerie that was fueled by chemicals, and Bree returns to the bay with some devastating news.

When Bree (Juliet Godwin), who left Summer Bay three weeks ago to be with her gravely sick father, returns next week, surprises are in store for everyone.

Bree had been reluctant to break up with boyfriend Remi (Adam Rowland) until her mother called in a panic to tell her that her father was on life support after suffering a severe head injury in an accident at work.

Not long after being knocked off his bike, Remi had undergone life-saving surgery, and Bree, determined to protect him from harm, had not left the hospital since his admission.


Bree, who had been striving to hide her feelings from Remi and put on a brave front, finally broke down in front of Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and revealed that her father was fighting for his life.

Kirby violated Bree’s trust by telling Remi the truth even though Bree forbidden him from doing so because he valued Bree’s family time.

After Bree, overcome with grief, was persuaded by Remi that everything would be alright, she went for her family’s house and asked Kirby to keep her informed.

Since being released from Northern Districts Hospital, Remi has been having difficulty recovering, and he has obstinately refused assistance in case Bree learned about the situation and felt compelled to go back home.


When Eden discovered Remi writhing in agony on the toilet floor, she was compelled to contact her brother Levi (Tristan Gorey), who had done the surgery on him, to see how he was doing.

Fortunately, Remi’s problems were manageable with a better pain management regimen, and he is now back on the path to recovery. However, Bree is still unaware that Remi has even left the hospital.

Remi gets upset the next week when he gets a text from Bree informing him that she’s back in the bay. Remi responds cautiously, letting her know that he’s truly at home, knowing that she would be preparing to go directly to the hospital.

After reading Remi’s note while getting coffee at the diner, Bree asks Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) how long Remi has been home. She is shocked to hear that Remi has been home for at least a week.


Bree dashes to the shared house, pleased to see Remi unharmed, but she quickly turns to Kirby to ask why she wasn’t told.

Remi assures Bree that Kirby was the one who gave the orders and that she shouldn’t hold herself responsible for not being with her family instead of going back home.

Remi tries to shift the topic to how Bree’s father is doing, but Bree tells Remi she needs a moment and is tense.

Bree tries to avoid the topic multiple times before she finally gives in and tells Remi that her father passed away. She tells Remi that after learning that her father was brain dead, the conversation she had to have with her family about stopping life support was quite different.

An encouraging Remi inquires about the funeral’s date, but Bree is compelled to respond that it has already been and gone. Remi is shocked and perplexed as to why she kept it from him, but Bree leaves when Kirby reappears.

Will Bree let Remi give her the help she so sorely needs?


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