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Home and Away spoilers: Bree abortion heartache, Justin struggles and shock exit


Bree decides she’s not ready to have children and arranges an abortion. Meanwhile, Gabe abruptly departs the Bay, and Justin struggles to deal with Ava’s erratic behaviours.

Both Bree and Remi will be hurting next week on Home and Away because Bree shut her out of her life.

Bree keeps Remi in the dark about her pregnancy since she is unsure of what to do.

However, the Summer Bay doctor changes his mind and decides to tell Remi about the child so they can jointly decide what to do.


A broken-hearted Remi is currently sobbing in the bar.

Remi and the woman rush through his front door kissing as soon as a gorgeous admirer comes.

Regaining his old womanising habits won’t help Remi mend his broken heart over Bree, he discovers after being hit by reality.

Bree is startled to see Remi embracing a woman farewell on the porch as she readies to tell Remi about the pregnancy.


Bree is devastated and vows she will never want to see Remi again. She thinks he has moved on. Eden tells Bree not to bother Remi in order to protect her friend.

Bree reconsiders her decision to inform Remi about the pregnancy and decides for herself, realising she is not prepared to be a mother.

With Rose’s assistance, Bree plans a termination at the clinic.

Meanwhile, Justin and Leah’s animosity grows as they stand up for Theo and Ava.


Leah and Justin push Theo to go back home out of remorse.

I3 discovered Ava’s superfan account.Theo, Roo looks into it and is horrified to see seductive pictures of Ava in Theo’s shirt in his bedroom.

While Justin and Ava’s relationship is improving, his world is turned upside down when Leah shows him the pictures of his daughter posted on the fan account.

Justin is devastated when he finds Ava has been tricking him all along.

Despite Justin’s entreaties for her to stay, Leah offers to look after Roo for a bit in exchange for giving him some room to parent.

Theo resolves to stay at Kirby’s since he doesn’t want to give in to pressure, but disaster finds him when Ava shows up at his door.


Ava is put in her place when Kirby informs her the hard truth that Theo will never be interested in her.

Ava sends Kirby the sexy images of herself wearing Theo’s shirt as a way to provoke him. Later, Justin implores Theo to assist him in reaching Ava.

He discovers how broken his daughter really is when Ava asserts that she and Theo are in love, which horrifies him.

Ava destroys Kirby’s home that evening in a jealous rage.

Theo tells Ava that he has never been into her and never will out of frustration, shattering her dreams. Ava, who is devastated, enters a strange man’s automobile to flee Theo.

Theo alerts Justin, who immediately leaves to look for his daughter out of fear for Ava’s safety.

Mackenzie adjusts to life in Summer Bay without Dean, but she recognises how fortunate she is to have Gabe by her side.

Even though the responsibility of being Gabe’s carer privately terrifies her, she is determined to be optimistic for him.

When Gabe begins his chemotherapy, Mackenzie shifts into super carer mode.

Mackenzie’s optimism wavers in a private moment, and she is not aware that Gabe has noticed her. Gabe takes a terrible choice after seeing Mackenzie cry.

Gabe leaves only a note after disappearing while Mackenzie is away.

Mali discovers Mackenzie in a melancholy state and finds out that Gabe has broken up with her.

Refusing to wallow, Mackenzie leaves Mali the keys to her house and travels to see her mother.

Felicity and Tane return across the Bay and begin to reassemble their lives as a couple.

Tane chooses not to inquire about the wedding out of caution, but a giddy Felicity has other ideas.

Felicity extends a ring while kneeling down and is beaming with optimism.

Tane is concerned if she is prepared for marriage after what happened the last time following Felicity’s unexpected proposal.

Tane joyfully reapplies the engagement ring to Felicity’s finger because she is positive this time that she won’t flee the situation.

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