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Home and Away spoilers: Are Lyrik about to BREAK-UP?


On Home and Away, Lyrik quickly establishes a home at the Parata house once more after returning to Summer Bay.

But is there conflict developing among the rock and rollers?

Jacqui Purvis’s Felicity Newman tries to persuade her city-based musician friends to play some regular gigs at the neighbourhood bistro Salt.

The first band night was a huge hit and helped Salt, which Felicity co-owns with Mackenzie Booth, do better business (Emily Weir).


However, the band’s main singer, Bob Forsyth (Rob Mallet), has higher goals in mind.

He makes it abundantly apparent that Lyrik doesn’t play in backwater places!


Since Martha Stewart (Ray Meagher) has chosen to remain in her Merimbula house, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) is faced with a significant life decision.


Roo (Georgie Parker), Alf’s daughter, wants to know whether this implies that Dad would leave Summer Bay and move to Merimbula to join Martha.

Alf doesn’t appear prepared to tell Roo about his future ambitions, though.

But may Justin Morgan (James Stewart), a family friend, aid Alf in making his crucial choice?

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