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Home and Away spoiler: Cash and Stevie reach a crossroads


As he gets ready to drive around and find her, Cash leaves the final of several desperate voicemails for Stevie. His face instantly drops when his phone beeps. He is furious as he shows Eden the picture that is shown on his screen: a selfie that Stevie took while in bed with Remi and shared on social media for everyone to see.

Without any delay, Cash drags Stevie back to her house and gives her the riot act. He forbids her from leaving the house and from sharing any photos online. He believed she was with the stalker. Usually Stevie is not amenable, but Felicity politely advises her to follow Cash’s instructions or fire him.

Weighing the odds, Stevie apologizes to Cash. She vows to exercise greater caution going forward. Cash believes they can work out a solution and is happy to be in agreement.

Felicity, in the meantime, enters Salt and notices that Bree seems cheerful, which makes her realize that she hasn’t yet read Stevie’s social media post. She tells Xander about the unpleasant scenario, and he knows it will be easier coming from him, even though he concerns about her response. Bree protests that she’s alright, but he bites the bullet and shows her the post.


Later, Bree returns to Salt and is startled when she runs across Remi and Eden. She quickly leaves the area. After Xander follows, she tells him the truth: since the accident, she and Remi hadn’t shared a bed; since then, he’s been sleeping with someone else. She regrets that even though she’s still broken, Remi seems to be moving on.

Valerie is attempting to order additional medications over the phone somewhere else, promising to pay for them later. They’ll require the money up front, so she hangs up and tells Theo she’s had no luck. Theo asks about Lyrik’s payment for performing at the reception, and when Justin affirms it’s a paid engagement, he and Valerie exchange sly looks. Later, Justin runs into Valerie and Theo at the coffee cart.

Later, Theo bluffs to make sure he receives the cash, and when Justin agrees, he and Valerie share an embrace. Theo is hesitant to steal from Justin when they go to meet the dealer, but Valerie pushes him, forcing him to give over the cash. Will he be bitten by this again?

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