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Home and Away set for major shake-up with departing stars and new characters


There is frequently a rotating door among the cast members of Home and Away. The younger cast doesn’t usually last very long, although classic characters like Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker), and Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) are undoubtedly timeless.

Upon arrival, most new cast members are offered a three-year contract; beyond that, it is up to the actor and producers to determine whether or not to renew. It follows that the steady influx of new faces in Summer Bay makes sense.

Since the show shoots five to six months in advance, several viewers have observed that certain cast members have not shown up for production. Let’s break down the list of all the newcomers and outgoing stars that was given by Back to the Bay, a website devoted to Home and Away news.

A new cast of characters for Home and Away
As Hailey Pinto, Abigail Fowler
Rumor has it that Stephanie Panozzo’s Eden Fowler and Tristan Gorey’s Levi Fowler are the sisters of Hailey Pinto’s new character, Abigail Fowler. Fans recently caught her filming at what looked to be Eden and Cash Newman’s (Nicholas Cartwright) engagement celebration.


The show’s publicist, Emily Weir, Luke Van Os, Nicholas Cartwright, and Stephanie Panozzo all follow Abigail on Instagram.

According to Back to the Bay, sequences involving Eden and Levi have been filmed by Hailey’s character. Additionally, a crew member posted a picture of a script that included a scenario with Eden, Levi, and Abigail.

It will be interesting to discover what kind of person the mystery sister is, given the Fowler siblings have mentioned her in passing in the past.

James Jeffrey Fowler, aka “Jimmy”
The popular Kiwi actor Aaron Jeffery added James “Jimmy” Fowler from Home and Away to his acting resume recently.


He is a seasoned actor who has appeared in films such as Water Rats, Wentworth, and McLeod’s Daughters. It’s unknown how long Aaron will appear on Home and Away as a guest star, although there are rumors that he will play Eden, Levi and Abigail’s father.

Rachael Carpani, aka Claudia Salini
In 2001, Rachael Carpani made an appearance on Home and Away as waitress Miranda. She’s had plenty of other parts in the interim, such as Jodi Fountain on McLeod’s Daughters, and enough time has gone for her to return to Summer Bay as Claudia Salini.

Her acting resume revealed the name of the role, but it makes no mention of whether she will be a regular cast member or a guest star.

Joshua Orpin, the bad boy of Summer Bay
Joshua Orpin’s character identity is yet unknown, although it’s possible that the newcomer is a member of the infamous River Boys gang. According to the Daily Telegraph, Joshua’s role involves being “a bit of a bad boy.”


Joshua told the publication, “[He] stirs up some trouble among the Summer Bay locals.” “On the surface, he seems like one thing, but I’ve had a lot of fun discovering his great depth.”

Perri (Unknown Actor)
There is nearly no mystery about this last character. “Several audition videos posted publicly online for the character earlier this year” were reportedly seen, according to Back to the Bay.

Perri was portrayed in the audition slides as a “former juvenile offender who is seeking self-defence classes from [an] unnamed character in the scene,” albeit they may not have been actual show scenes.

It was also disclosed in the audition scene that Perri was going to turn eighteen, thus it appears that we will be seeing another problematic adolescent plot.

Characters Going Away and Leaving Home
Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis): It’s still very likely, according to a recent Yahoo Lifestyle article, that Felicity Newman is skipping the bay. A security guard has informed fans that the celebrity has left the country because she hasn’t been seen filming on set recently.

“I heard from a fan earlier this month that someone went to Palm Beach today and was informed that she’s currently abroad and uncertain about her return, suggesting that she’s departing from the show and has stopped filming.”


“Her contract had expired, and it’s unclear if she received a new offer. Given that she has been working on other movies, she most likely didn’t want to sign another one.

Just Morgan (James Stewart)
Don’t worry if you’re really immersed in Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) romance! It seems that Justin is simply being removed off the show momentarily to allow the actor to participate in Dancing With the Stars.

According to a TV WEEK spoiler, Nelson is in a critical need of filling a little role with precise measurements while another actor is hurried off set due to an emergency. Justin flies to Hollywood. Nelson, who is about to give up, begs Justin to intervene after observing that he has the ideal build.

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