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Home and Away spoiler: Bree tries to kiss Xander


Bree keeps ranting to Xander about her split from Remi. Bree is appreciative of his wonderful support because she wouldn’t know what to do without him. She offers Bree her own sign of support in the shape of shots when she later tells Dana about what has been going on. While Bree airs her complaints, they sip away the afternoon drinking, and Dana is quick to offer her condolences that Bree’s ex is now seeing a Hollywood star.

Later, when Bree surprises him with a kiss, Xander assists a drunken Bree in leaving the venue. Dana is walking downstairs behind them and watching, distraught, as he gently resists.

Dana and Irene discuss her jealousy the following day. Bree approaches Xander and apologizes for what transpired. Xander accepts her apology, but not before cautioning her that there must be a better option because she cannot use him to move on from Remi.

As all of this is going on, John is phoning Justin to reassure him that he is on schedule to receive his accreditation as a marriage celebrant. Meanwhile, Leah is hankering after the specifics of her own wedding. She is being teased by Justin for being a control freak, but he won’t reveal anything, which is distracting her.


Marilyn intervenes with an other solution—tarot cards—when Leah is unable to obtain any information from the sellers. Valerie seems nervous when Marilyn pulls the Seven of Swords, but Leah agrees to a reading. Marilyn alerts Leah to the fact that someone is lying to her.

Theo continues his deceit when he tells Kirby that he believes they should play the wedding for free, despite his own bad conscience. Kirby nods instantly, and Theo has to swallow his guilt as she takes the lie with ease. However, Kirby is immediately skeptical of Justin when she meets him later and learns about the money he offered Theo for equipment rental.

Kirby confronts Theo after he admits to using the money for drugs and robbing his family of their money while jeopardizing the band. Valerie panic out and approaches him directly after he informs her that Kirby knows, even though he has assured her he’ll return the money. Kirby doesn’t hold back when she says that Valerie is a drug addict in need of assistance. Valerie can no longer handle it and rushes off, with Theo chasing after her, threatening to take away the medications. With no other choice, Kirby approaches Justin and warns him that they must discuss Theo.

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