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Home and Away schedule changes in UK and Australia


Due to the Queen’s burial, Home and Away will not be broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK or Channel 7 in Australia on Monday, September 19.

The delayed episode will air in Australia the following day, however in the UK, it will only be available on My5.

Australian Home and Away schedule modifications
In Australia, Channel 7 will broadcast live coverage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s burial beginning at noon and running until Tuesday, September 20, early morning.

The remaining episodes of the week will air one episode later to make up for the episode that was originally scheduled to run on Monday.


Single episodes will air on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 p.m., and three episodes will air on Thursday, September 22, as originally scheduled.

Two episodes are currently slated to run the following Wednesday, September 28, at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., to make up for the dropped episode. The episodes will start airing as planned from this point on.

alterations to the UK’s Home and Away schedule
The episode that was supposed to air on Channel 5 on Monday, September 19, at 1:45 pm, will no longer air in the UK.

Instead of airing the state funeral coverage and royal documentaries that take up most of the schedules of the UK’s other public service broadcasters, Channel 5 will instead show kids’ shows and movies all day.


The station will now air Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly in place of the repeat of Home and Away, which regularly airs on 5STAR at 6 o’clock.

The following day’s transmission of the show is cancelled. As a result, My5 will be the only place to watch the first look episode if you missed it on 5STAR on Friday night or in the omnibus on Saturday morning.

The first look, which gives viewers a preview of the show that will air on Channel 5 on Tuesday, will air as normal at 6:30 p.m. on 5STAR.

On Tuesday, the regular schedule will resume with episodes airing on Channel 5 at 1:45 PM and 5STAR at 6 PM.


Home and Away has been broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK since 2001, however in 2021 it made the decision to move the 6pm broadcast to 5STAR instead of keeping it on the main channel.

It did, however, reaffirm its dedication to the programme earlier this year after the serial opera was fully cancelled as a result of its decision to remove Neighbours off its schedules.

Home and Away is currently safe, according to a Channel 5 spokeswoman who issued the following statement to the media:

They said that “Home and Away has a long history and ongoing home on Channel 5 and has broadcast on the channel since 2000.”

“It will continue to air on Channel 5 on weekdays at 1:15 PM and on 5STAR at 6 PM, with a first peek on 5STAR every weekday at 6:30 PM,” the statement reads.

In March 2000, Channel 5 won the contract to air the programme after outbidding incumbent broadcaster ITV in a transaction rumoured to be worth up to £40 million over the first five years.


They apparently didn’t offer as much money as ITV, but their promise to air the show for its whole run was what won the bid for them.

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