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Home and Away launches big Marilyn story with newcomer Heather


Next week, viewers of Home and Away will get their first glimpse of a significant new plot for Marilyn Chambers.

As the long-running soap teases a mysterious relationship between her and newcomer Heather Fraser, the fan favourite is about to take centre stage.

In subsequent episodes of Channel 5, Marilyn’s friend Roo Stewart begins providing private tuition to residents of the area.

Heather, a young woman looking for assistance in creating a law school application, is one of Roo’s first pupils.


Roo is eager to assist Heather and remarks on her apparent drive. She also advises Heather to make sure she can sustain this drive over the long run because law school can be tough.

Heather emphasises that she wants to help people for personal reasons. She admits that she has a special interest in helping mothers who have lost custody of their children.

Heather continues to open up, revealing that she has also had the horrible experience of being separated from a child.

Heather remembers once working as his housekeeper and having an affair with a married man.


Heather learned she was pregnant because of the relationship, but soon after the baby was born, the man and his wife adopted the child and sent Heather away.

Although Roo is happy to be assisting Heather since she feels horrible for her, viewers quickly discover that Roo isn’t getting the whole story.

Heather has an odd fascination with Marilyn while she is at the diner and sneakily snaps a snapshot of her.

This is the start of a significant plot that will unfold on UK television over the coming weeks.


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