Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Home and Away leah is anxiously watch as she think justin will die. Watch in pictures

Ziggy vents to Tane

Tane is blaming Ziggy of generalising

Tane enjoys hi time out at the beach

Tane is surprised to see a person waiting

Ziggy apologises to Tane


Alf is under the pump

Alf confides in Roo

Alf reveals his next plans

Nikau is struggling with Ryder and Chloe’s new relationship


Chloe and Ryder’s PDAs don’t make matters any easier

Chloe and Ryder remain cosy

nikau watches on in anger and disgust

Bella is convincing Nikau to give Ryder and Chloe a second chance

Mia comes to see Chloe


Mia reveals that Ari is coming home

Chloe is delighted

Chloe and Ryder talk about Ari

Chloe tries to reassure Ryder

hloe kisses Ryder again

Ryder turns to Nikau for help


Nikau and Ryder might have an another idea

The Susie aftermath continues

Alf is in a hurry to contact John

Everyone continues to worry about John

Leah looks worried

Dean found out that Justin is struggling

Dean rushed to help

Dean prepares to dive into the water

 Leah watches on anxiously

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