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Home and Away: Justin the ‘egg’ wears Leah down in record speed


When it comes to insulting Justin Morgan, there are many adjectives that come to mind, but Tane’s description of him as a “egg” tops them all.

Tane exclaims, “He’s an egg.”

It’s a big day for the “egg” who’s been freed from the hospital, and unlike the rest of us, Leah is blinded by love and is actually looking forwards to it.

“Seeing him again will be fantastic,” Leah adds.


But hang in there, because the “egg” rapidly wears her down, and she locks herself in the toilet to get away from him.

Anyway, because this isn’t Leah’s first rodeo with drug addiction, she’s assigned herself the task of weaning Justin off his medication, which she’ll accomplish by giving him one tablet every four hours.

This muddles the timeline since we don’t know if the next pill is the same pill or the next tablet if we get it in an hour and then half an hour.

Summer Bay is a community of inquisitive neighbours, so practically everyone in town knows he overdosed. Surprisingly, everyone has remained calm, and Leah has been given command.


Justin tells anybody who asks about him, even Ziggy, whom he hurled from the garage during a recent drug-fueled outburst, that “it was simply a one-off accident.”

On Justin’s behalf, Leah apologises to Ziggy for his recent outburst.

Leah says, “He’s sick.”

“The tumour hasn’t reappeared, and he is entirely dependent on his medication.”


Ziggy then blames herself for not “seeing the signs,” despite the fact that she has been there before.

“You know how I was married to Justin’s brother…he had drug difficulties when I first met him,” she tells Tane.

This is when Tane refers to Justin as a “egg” and Zig pays Justin a visit to reclaim her job.

Justin deflects his concerns onto Leah, saying, “I can’t help but wonder how many other people you’ve told about my dilemma.”

But who cares how Justin feels now that Ziggy has reclaimed her job?

Despite the fact that the next dose looks to be 30 minutes away, Leah is still in her robe when she catches Justin frantically searching for his prescription.


Out of desperation, he tries to get into her pockets before Leah screams “don’t touch me” and locks herself in the toilet to hide from him as Justin slams the door shut.

I’m sure it’s great to have him back!

Meanwhile, Mac’s departure from the modelling industry has gone viral, and not for the reason that her hair “looks nice.”

The footage is on “the internet,” and it’s the wake-up call she needs to reclaim her life.

It’s a fair depiction to say, “I’ve embarrassed myself, done awful things, and lost all of my friends.”

She had just informed Ziggy a few seconds prior, “We’re not friends.

She does a runner and is nowhere to be found the next morning, in a typical Home and Away manoeuvre.

In other news, John keeps secretly texting Susie in order to set up this illusive meeting.

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