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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

The truth between Hendrix and Mackenzie has been revealed, and Levi is dealing with new pain.

Two relationships appear to be on the verge of breaking up for good on Neighbours next week, while Amy and Roxy’s feud appears to be intensifying.

Here are 11 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

  1. Roxy makes an attempt to drag Amy down

Roxy is irritated that Amy got the position at The Flamingo Bar that she thought should have been hers. She is still determined to remove her from her post.

While Roxy is confident that Amy would make a mistake at some point, she chooses to delve into Amy’s past in Cairns to see if there is anything she can use against her. Will Roxy be able to locate something interesting, or is she fighting a losing battle?

  1. Will Mackenzie and Harlow be friends in the future?

Mackenzie and Hendrix have been having fun getting to know each other romantically, and while they are overjoyed with their new connection, Mack is concerned about how Harlow would respond.

Harlow, already depressed as a result of everything that had happened with the recently deceased Brent, learns everything – and it appears that their friendship would not be able to recover from the discovery.

  1. Karl and Vera Punt had a fight

Vera Punt may live in a rarely seen Ramsay Street home, but that doesn’t mean she’s constantly out of the loop. This week, she and Karl Kennedy have a falling out, resulting in Paul getting a face full of manure.

Following a disagreement between Karl and Vera, said manure ends up on the Kennedy doorstep. He doesn’t take it well, assuming it was her, which leads to another fight between them. However, an unlucky Paul happens to walk right into the centre of it…

  1. Toadie and Melanie have issues

The amusement of their secret liaisons had to come to a stop at some point, but sadly for Toadie and Melanie, it does not turn out as they had intended.

Toadie has considered informing Nell and Hugo about Melanie, but he isn’t sure it’s the right moment, and he doesn’t want them to become too involved if there isn’t a long-term future for them.

But, after being riled up by the kids, Melanie decides she’s had enough of keeping the secret and tells them — much to Toadie’s chagrin.

  1. Nicolette notices something she regrets seeing

Nicolette has always had a tense relationship with her mother Jane, and while she likes Clive, she has avoided spending time with him and his wife. Jane now lives at number 24, and Chloe advises her to have Clive over for supper because it is also her home. Jane accomplishes exactly that, but Nicolette isn’t happy about it.

That’s nothing compared to Nicolette’s reaction when she walks out to the pool and finds them in a compromising position after they’ve been drinking.

  1. Melanie has stepped over the line.

Melanie informing Nell and Hugo about her connection with Toadie causes considerable tensions between the two, with Toadie surprised that she would do so against his desires.

Melanie, on the other hand, responds that she was not pleased with being kept a secret from them, and the two are at odds.

The tension between them is heightened by a dinner date with Clive and Jane. Will they be able to overcome this obstacle?

  1. Bea realises something about Levi.

Bea and Levi have been having problems since he discovered she doesn’t totally trust him, and as they prepare to embark on a road trip together, Bea realises she isn’t totally committed to a future with him after a conversation with Sheila C.

Bea still intends to travel, but she now wants to do so independently, which means her relationship with Levi must come to an end. But, when she informs him it’s over, how will he react?

  1. Sheila C makes a choice

Sheila C decides to leave Erinsborough and return to Western Australia because things between her and Ned have become complicated.

Despite her work in the region, Sheila C realises that she needs to confront all of the sadness she has been holding back over her deceased Nan, and the only way she can do so is to return home. But before she leaves, she and Ned must have one last talk.

  1. Roxy is dissatisfied

Roxy’s plans to oust Amy from The Flamingo Bar appear to have paid off, and she eagerly anticipates the word that she has been sacked. However, Amy’s delight quickly turns to disappointment when she returns to work as if nothing had happened.

Roxy seeks out Paul and Terese to learn how she was able to avoid danger. They refuse to tell her what was said, so she is left to watch while Amy moves forwards with her plans for the big event. Will Roxy, on the other hand, be tempted to undermine them?

  1. Bea has some unexpected news for you

Bea and Levi have left, and she is planning to leave Ramsay Street to travel, but she has a surprise announcement for Karl and Susan before she departs.

The Kennedys are surprised and disappointed to find that she has no intentions to return to Erinsborough after the trip and that she intends to start over somewhere else, free of all memories of Finn. It appears that number 28 will be without a resident indefinitely.

  1. Ned makes a huge blunder when it comes to Sheila C

With Sheila C about to set off back to WA after her time in Erinsborough, she and Ned have some unresolved feelings to deal with.

Taking the time to have a proper heart to heart about the connection they have and the closeness that took them both by surprise, they do not realise that they have made an oversight that could spell the end of Ned’s relationship with Yashvi – the nearby podcasting equipment is recording everything they are saying.

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